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Photos of every day women and mothers transformed.


A complete overview on what your portrait experience will look like from start to finish.


A La Carte pricing information for your photo shoot and final artwork options.

How Much Does a Portrait Photo Shoot Cost?

Sessions start at $300.00 and include your photo shoot, a full makeover by my hair and makeup artist and a reveal session where you will get to see your final artwork for the very first time. Images from the session start at $225.00 and include full res digital files of every print purchased. Discounted packages start at $1,200.00 

The final amount you spend on your portrait photography is entirely up to you and most people won’t know that number until they see their images at their reveal session. For a detailed price breakdown enter your information and download the portrait guide above. My full price menu can easily be found in the table of contents at the beginning of the guide.