Makeover | Photo Shoot | Reveal

This deposit secures your photo shoot date and is non-refundable. It also secures your hair and makeup artist for your makeover before your session and covers the cost of your photo shoot. This deposit also includes one reveal session where you will see all of your images for the very first time. You’re welcome to purchase only the images you absolutely love at your reveal session or pay for your session when you book.

Locations more than 1hr from Sonoma, CA subject to travel and lodging fees. Contact me for a quote to travel to your location.



There are two different discounts I offer. This first discount is a quantity discount based on the number of images you decide to purchase from your session. Simply put, the more pictures you get, the more each image is discounted. These quantity discounts are specified in their respective sections of this menu.

The second way to save (which is applied in addition to the quantity discount) is a discount for paying with Bitcoin.

Pay With Bitcoin – Get a 15% Discount

Yes, you read that right, you can now pay for your portrait session with me using Bitcoin. What’s more is I’ll also give you a 15% discount when you choose this as your payment method. If you already have a btc wallet, the process is pretty straight forward.

If you don’t have a btc wallet or have never used bitcoin before, this post has some easy tips so you can learn how to take advantage of the discount.

Portrait Albums

Gorgeous leather bound albums with lay-flat architecture allows us to custom design a beautiful final layout that is capable of seamlessly straddling the crease of your album. Albums require a minimum of 20 images from your session and typically include roughly 30 to 50 final images. Our signature albums are 10 x 10 inches and can be upgraded to our Legacy 12×12 albums with gold or silver page gilding. Full resolution jpegs included of every image in your album.

Signature Album
All of our albums are leather bound and hand crafted to last generations. Signature albums are 10x10 inches come with raw page edges.
Legacy Album
Legacy albums are 12x12 and come with either
gold or silver page gilding on the page edges.
Signature Album
Signature Album
Signature Album

Signature Portrait Album

Gorgeous 10×10 inch hand crafted lay flat portrait album with naked page edges. These albums are available in faux and genuine leathers and are designed to last your lifetime and beyond. Each album is custom designed and edited by Jason.

$150 Per Image

Legacy Portrait Album

Same as our signature portrait albums but larger at 12×12 inches and finished with gold or silver page gilding.

$150 Per Image + $200

Portrait Albums Conditions & Discounts

20 image minimum on all portrait albums.

Full resolution jpegs included of all images in album.

50% duplicate image discount for wall art purchased with album.

Sales tax not included.

Folio Box

This is a beautiful keepsake box that holds your most cherished photos from your session. Printed 7×10 inches on Fuji luster paper, every print is UV coated and finished in 11×14 black matts. Every print in your box will be frame ready should you choose to hang any on your wall.

Folio Box
Folio boxes are hard boxes that hold and protect your favorite images. Images inside the box are printed 7x10 and finished with 11x14 black matts.
Safe & Protected
Folio boxes are great for protecting your images while still being
accessible to enjoy. Some keep them on book shelves, but most display
them on coffee or end tables.
The Photos You Love
With no minimum order, you can purchase only the images you
absolutely love from your session.

6-9 Images

7×10 luster photo prints UV coated and finished in 11×14 black matts. Collection held and protected in our exclusive folio boxes.

6 images $1,200 / $200 EA

10-19 Images

Same as the 6-9 image standard package at a lower cost per image.

10 Images $1750.00 / $175 EA

20+ Images

Our folio boxes at our most affordable price per image.

20 Images $3,000 / $150 EA

Folio Box Conditions & Discounts

Six image minimum order for folio boxes.

1-5 Images delivered without box and are $225 per Image.

50% duplicate image discount.

Full resolution digital jpegs included of all images in folio box.

Sales tax not included.

Wall Art

Fuji Deep Matte
The best fine art paper for color photos
Torchon Paper
The best fine art paper for high contrast monochrome.
Luster Print
Luster prints are mounted on poly polystyrene and UV coated so they
won't wrinkle, warp or fade over time. This option is perfect if you want to
put your photo into your favorite frame without matting or protective glass.
Mounted Prints
All prints can be mounted on polystyrene to resist warping and wrinkling over time. This is recommended if you want to display your photo full frame without a matt.
Metal Print
Metal prints don't require framing and float off the wall about an inch.











Luster Prints

Unless otherwise requested, every luster print is mounted on polystyrene to make sure your print doesn’t wrinkle or warp over time. Luster prints are UV and scratch resistant, but might reflect a slight sheen when viewing at certain angles. Luster prints are ideal for framed prints that won’t be protected behind glass.

Fine Art Prints

Printed on Fuji deep matte and Torchon papers, these prints have archival grade inks and offer the best viewing experience. These prints can come unmounted or mounted so you can have your photos professionally matted or full frame.

Fine art prints have no protective coating for the best viewing experience and will need to be protected behind museum glass for longevity. With these papers, you can expect prints to last 100 years under normal conditions.

Fuji Deep Matte Paper

Fuji deep matte paper has a smooth surface and vibrant color rendition. I recommend this paper for the best color print viewing experience.

Torchon Paper

Torchon paper is a Hahnemühle paper with a watercolor texture that’s ideal for warm-toned colors and monochrome prints. I recommend this paper to best display high contrast black and whites.

Metal Prints

Metal prints are a modern alternative to luster prints and are printed directly onto aluminum. Although a bit more expensive then luster prints, metal prints are generally the cheapest option overall because they don’t require matting or framing. These prints float about an inch off the wall and are both UV and Scratch resistant. Metal prints are perfect for those that need a durable option on a budget.

Wall Art Conditions & Discounts

+20% for fine art papers & metals.

Full resolution jpegs included of all wall art purchased.

50% duplicate image discount.

Sales tax not included.