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San Francisco bay area portrait photographer Jason Guy’s goal with every client is to create beautiful, timeless portraits for everyone he photographs. Jason wants to create images you will look back on decades from now, and still love them just as much then as you do today. His primary objective is to give you an incredible experience where he helps you change the way you see yourself, and make you feel good about yourself as you are.

Rated as one of the best portrait photographers in the San Francisco Bay area, Jason specializes in creating timeless portraits for men and women of all body types and age ranges. By simply showing you how beautiful you already are, a portrait photo shoot is an amazing self confidence booster a number of his clients have described as life changing.

Portrait photography is a celebration of who you are, a discovery of one’s self, and a priceless self confidence boost everyone should experience. Jason wants to take the best picture of you that exists and in turn craft an heirloom your family will cherish for generations . This is Jason’s passion and his primary goal for every person he photographs.

Before & After


Let me help you change the way you see yourself

All before portraits are captured prior to hair and make-up application. Jason tries his best to find a flat natural light source at the location and purposely gives almost no direction when capturing your “before” portrait. Basically at this stage Jason is just trying to capture a snapshot of you. He doesn’t try to take an intentionally bad photo of you at this point, and he won’t direct you towards greatness at this stage either.

All final images are lit, directed and photographed by Jason Guy after your makeover to match the standard of the imagery you’ll see represented in his portfolio. After capture, your portraits are then meticulously hand retouched in photoshop to give the polished look you can expect when you book your photo shoot with Jason.


Rated as one of the best portrait photographers in the San Francisco Bay area, Jason Guy specializes in creating classical portraits for everyone. All portrait sessions with Jason Guy take place on location anywhere in the San Francisco Bay area and beyond. Your home, a country setting, somewhere downtown, or even privately acquired locations are all excellent location choices for your portrait photo shoot. A session with San Francisco bay area portrait photographer Jason Guy is accommodated at no additional charge anywhere within 1hr of Sonoma, California.

Studio style portraiture is elegantly simple and a great choice for a traditional aesthetic. Studio portraiture is photographed on a variety of backdrops which are paired and stylized by Jason to best compliment your wardrobe. Final imagery is styled on muslin backgrounds to look classic and timeless so that your images age well over time. Although we Jason doesn’t have a traditional San Francisco bay area portrait studio since he mostly photographs is subjects on location,  one can be acquired for your session if you’d prefer for an additional fee. 

Formal Wedding Portraits

Formal wedding portraits are Jason’s favorite part of wedding day coverage. Worry not though, Jason is also pretty good at capturing all of your photojournalistic moments as they happen too. Jason typically only accept a handful of weddings each year for couples he thinks are an extremely good fit. If you love the images in Jason’s portfolio, and feel like they align with your vision, please reach out and Jason would be happy to sit down and speak with you both about your upcoming wedding.

Jason Guy is portrait photographer based out of Sonoma, California. Jason creates timeless portraits using traditional and cinematic light patterns, classical and high fashion posing techniques and his own personal tastes to get images like what you’ll see on this website. His portrait work is described as dark, moody, dramatic, cinematic, and classical with a hint of contemporary fashion. 

In addition to photographing portraits, Jason Guy is best known for his work as a San Francisco bay area boudoir photographer. Originally using boudoir as a tool to train himself to get better at photographing portraits, Jason is now among the top boudoir photographers in the San Francisco Bay Area. Having mastered posing and lighting all body types and ethnicities, Jason’s primary goal when photographing boudoir today is all about helping women change the way they see themselves through the final images he creates.

The strongest reason to do a boudoir photo shoot is to give you a life changing self confidence boost and make you feel good about yourself as you are. It's important to me that your boudoir photos be sexy, timeless and above all else CLASSY.

Jason Guy

For those of you who think boudoir is something you could NEVER do, or if you think you’re not photogenic, or if you’re worried that you’ll just come off as awkward  in front of the camera, worry not! Jason knows what beautiful looks like, and will help guide you towards it and capture it on camera.

Weather you are in the best shape of your life, or are looking for an amazing self confidence boost before your wedding, bridal boudoir photography is almost as epic a gift for him as it is for you! If you’ve slaved away at the gym and are in the best shape of your life, treating yourself to a bridal boudoir photo shoot can be a great gift to yourself to document all of your hard work and a pretty amazing gift for him as well. 

In addition to photographing portraits, Jason Guy is arguably most known for his work in building the confidence of women through boudoir photography. If you would like to see Jason’s Boudoir portfolio, click the button below and make sure to check out the experience link at the top of the page to learn more about a boudoir photo shoot with Jason Guy.

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