Sonoma Wedding Photographer

My name is Jason Guy and I am a Sonoma wedding photographer serving Napa and the greater San Francisco bay area. The wedding photos shown here are the kinds of images you can expect should you decide to book me as your wedding photographer. Everyone featured on this page is not a professional model, and all images are posed, lit, directed and hand retouched by me.

Wedding Photos | Sonoma, California

Every Sonoma Wedding Has 4 Main Events to Capture

For complete coverage, a typical wedding has four main segments to capture. These events include:

  • Getting Ready Photos
  • Wedding Ceremony
  • Formal Wedding Portraits
  • Reception Coverage

Getting Ready & Solo Formals

Full lenght wedding portrait of woman holding a bouquet among greenery.

This part of the day is the perfect time to capture portraits of both of you as individuals. It’s also an ideal time to capture portraits with attendants and families before the day becomes busy.


Brides are photographed getting ready with parents, grandparents, and bridesmaids. Capturing these group portraits before guests arrive is most efficient and is considerably less stressful then attempting to get these pictures later in the day.

Portraits of the bride alone are captured with the remaining time in a variety of poses to document details such as hair, jewelry, dress, bouquet, etc. For images consistent with my portfolio, I suggest you plan for no less than two hours of getting ready coverage. If desired, I can also capture photos of you getting into your dress, however I highly recommend that bridal boudoir photos be captured on a separate day from your wedding for best results.


Like the bride, grooms are also photographed with their family and groomsmen during the getting ready segment. Details and solo formal portraits are also captured of the groom to compliment the brides coverage in your album.

I’ve found that it works best on the day of the wedding to photograph the groom portraits first to give the bride a head start on her hair and makeup. To get designs consistent with these wedding albums, grooms should budget for at least an hour and a half of coverage time.


Depending on preferences or religious customs, ceremonies can be anywhere from 10 minutes to over an hour long. During this time there is typically an assemblage of the wedding party, speech by the officiant, exchange of vows / rings and the first kiss.

I find that it’s easiest to start your wedding planning by figuring out when and where you’re ceremony will be, and then design a timeline around that. Once you have that information, it’s easy to figure out when you should start getting ready, what time cocktail hour should be, etc. Half the secret to getting great wedding photos is just setting a realistic timeline for your day and sticking to it.

Couple & Group Formals

Wedding portrait of man and woman in church.

Group formals are when I capture photos of the entire wedding party and any combinations you want from your shot list. Immediately following the ceremony BEFORE COCKTAIL HOUR is the best time to capture these pictures. You want to do this before drinks because if you do it after, there’s always an uncle Bob that will hold everything up while he get’s his drink on.

After group formals and during cocktail hour is usually a great time to capture your couple formals. This is because it’s usually perfectly timed with golden hour (sunset) which is the best lighting of the day for outdoor portraits. If you’d prefer to attend cocktail hour with your guests, I recommend capturing your couple’s photos after a first look earlier in the day before your ceremony.


Similar to your ceremony, the reception is captured photo journalisticly and usually includes: cocktail hour, grand entrance, speeches, first dance, mother and son dance, father and daughter dance, cake cut and the garter/bouquet toss.

If you want a same day slide show with the highlights of the day up through the ceremony, I usually work on this slideshow while everyone is eating dinner and after the major dances. Same day slide shows are generally ready to view late in the reception.

Typically I’ll also cover about 45 minutes to an hour of dancing of you and your guests and by then, I’ve usually seen everyone’s best moves. When planning your timeline, I’ve found that three hours of reception coverage is generally sufficient to capture everything mentioned above.

Complimentary Pre-Wedding Sessions

Now that you better understand the different segments of a your wedding day, the following options are for those that want pre-wedding portraits that go beyond standard wedding coverage. This includes events like engagement photos, bridal boudoir, and pre-wedding formal portraits.

Normally there is a booking fee which includes your photo shoot and makeover for each of these events, however I include this deposit at no charge when you book your wedding with me. There is no minimum order for any of these sessions and you are welcome to purchase only the images you absolutely love from one, or all of the pre-wedding sessions I offer. 

Engagement Photos

Couple's portrait on a snowy evening in the park

Having engagement photos taken with me is perfect opportunity to become more familiar with how I’ll direct you without the stress of your wedding day. These sessions can be done outdoors or indoors and are ideal for save the date invitations and signature photos guests can sign at your wedding.

Remember that save the date invitations are commonly sent six to eight months before your wedding. Keep this in mind as you plan the timing of your engagement session as I will also need at least a few weeks to edit your photos after your session.

Signature photos are printed and then matted with extra space to allow an area for hand written well wishes from guests. For example an 8×10 photo in a 16×20 matt would be a good ratio to allow enough room for your guests to write their note around your photo without feeling cramped. Just make sure to remind guests to bias their notes toward the center of the matt to prevent the frame from cutting their message off!

Couple's portrait on a snowy evening in the park

Bridal Boudoir Photos

A boudoir photo shoot with me is an all day event that I guarantee will boost your self confidence and showcase all of your hard work leading up to your wedding. If you don’t think there’s any way you could ever do a boudoir photo shoot, I encourage you check out these transformations I’ve done for some of my recent clients. Many of these women didn’t think they could do a session either, but did their photo shoots anyway despite their insecurities. My “transformations” page is a compilation of before and after images along with my clients experiences written in their own words.

Bridal boudoir photos are generally captured and designed into a boudoir album as a wedding gift for the bride. If the groom is lucky, we will make him a retro viewer. Kidding aside, if you’d like to have your boudoir album ready to give to your fiance on your wedding day, I’d highly encourage you to check out this post about my final artwork lead times to ensure that your album arrives on time.

On your wedding day I am more than happy to capture photos of you getting into your dress. However, to capture bridal boudoir photos like I show in my portfolio, your session will need to be photographed on a separate day from your wedding. Doing your photo shoot on a day independent of your wedding will give us the breathing room needed to get the best boudoir photos possible for you.

Sonoma Wedding Photographer Jason Guy

Headshot of portrait photographer Jason Guy on black background

My name is Jason Guy and I am a Sonoma and Napa wedding photographer serving the greater San Francisco bay area.

While flattering lighting and pose are important, capturing the emotion and authenticity of your wedding day is my ultimate goal. My process for achieving this floats form a photo journalistic (candid) approach during segments such as the ceremony, to heavily directed for solo and couples portraits. I strongly believe this hybrid approach fosters an environment to get the best wedding photos possible from your day.

If the photos I show on this page and my overall approach resonate with you, I invite you to contact me after reviewing my wedding price menu here. If you have any questions about anything please don’t by shy to reach out and I’ll be in touch with you shortly.