You are currently viewing Editable Wedding Day Timeline Templates

Editable Wedding Day Timeline Templates

Before you download one of the editable wedding day timeline templates below, I recommend that you first check out my wedding day schedule guide. This guide will show you all the details you should think about when creating your timeline.

Once you understand the main segments that comprise a wedding, the templates below will help give you the best plan for your day. A well planned timeline will not only help you get better photos, it will also reduce the chance of missing photos from your shot list. Additionally, it will also help make your wedding photography more efficient so you can spend more time with your guests.

Editable Wedding Day Timeline Templates

Below you’ll find three different wedding day timeline templates to give you the best starting point for your circumstance. Once the schedule is customized to your liking you can then easily share it with other vendors, family and your bridal party!

These sample timelines include:

  1. 10 hr wedding day timeline template with no first look.
  2. 12 hr wedding day timeline template with a first look.
  3. A short elopement wedding day timeline template.

These templates also give my recommended coverage times for each segment of your wedding day. Please note that these recommended coverage times should NOT be altered if you want wedding photos consistent with what I show in my portfolio.

Wedding Day Timeline Template: 10 hrs Without a First Look

Wedding Day Timeline Template: 12 hrs With a First Look

Wedding Day Timeline Template: Elopement

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