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30 Boudoir Outfits Guys Love

Finding boudoir outfits guys love is mostly about choosing the right lingerie for your body type. Once you know what pieces will flatter your specific body type mostl, then choosing focusing on lingerie that highlights his very favorite parts becomes easy!

Choosing lingerie to make you look your best isn’t that hard, but there are a few guidelines you’ll want to adhere to as outlined in the link above. For instance, as a general rule (and no matter your body type) you’re always going to want to choose outfits that enhance your hourglass figure. If you don’t have an hourglass figure the lingerie you choose should be the styles that get you closer to that silhouette. 

The bottom line is that guys love seeing your curves. This means that anything we can do to embellish your hip to waist and waist to bust ratios will do amazing things for your figure. These ratios are all signs of health and fertility that all men are hardwired to be attracted to.

As a boudoir photographer (and also as a man myself) this post is going to show you the lingerie styles I suggest to my clients when preparing for their boudoir sessions. Just remember to first choose boudoir outfits for your body type and then build off those ideas to enhance your best features. 

By using this simple method of identifying and dressing for your body type first, you’ll truly enhance your figure in a meaningful way. Once you do this you’ll not only feel more confident in front of the camera, but you’ll also get better photos from your session as a result. 

The following styles are all boudoir outfits guys love:

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Shaping Bras Are Boudoir Outfits Guys Love

boudoir outfits guys love
One of my boudoir clients in a hand crocheted demi bra from Else lingerie.

No matter the size and shape of your bust, there are tons of bra styles out there that can improve the shape of  your breasts. Even those that have been blessed with a perfect bust can still enhance their breast shape with a good bra. 

For women who have good bust volume and just want some good general shaping, demi bras (also sometimes called half cup bras) are a good general shaper that will help you create more cleavage.

For those that have a smaller bust, good styles to look into include push up bras, and bralettes. Both of these styles will help to exaggerate the size of your bust in different ways. In the case of the push up, the bra pushes your breasts up and in creating as much cleavage as possible. Bralettes on the other hand use the full coverage design of the bra to give the illusion of a larger bust. 

For women with a large bust that need support I suggest you look at shelf style balconette bras. These bras will push your breasts up, but not in. This will create great cleavage you can show off in your photos without making it look like your breasts were shoe horned into a too tight bra. 

Sexy Underwear Is Part Of Boudoir Outfits Guys Love

an example of boudoir outfits guys love
One of my clients wearing a high waist panty thong for her boudoir photoshoot

No matter your body type, all women can find a set of panties to offer enhancements unique to that individual. Since guys are visual creatures, the best thing to do is enhance and smooth out your curves. This is the secret to getting boudoir outfits guys love! 

Put most simply, panties are the tool you’ll use to enhance your lower torso and draw attention to your butt. The idea is to play to your strengths and diminish your problem areas. So with that in mind, if you have a nice butt, you should definitely get something like a thong or hipster to show it off!

If you have some stretch marks on your lower tummy or are plus size, high waisted panties will help you smooth out both the love handles and the pooch at the lower tummy. 

If you don’t have any insecurities around your hips, congratulations! You get to choose from all the underwear.


Corsets Are Boudoir Outfits Guys Love

A corset is an example of lingerie that guys love
One of my clients paired her budget corset with a lace bikini brief and lace topped stockings

Corsets almost universally look great on all women in the eyes of men. The reason is that men are visually attracted to the natural hour glass shape of women’s bodies. Corset’s accentuate this shape by reducing your waist line.

When you reduce your waistline by lacing in your corset, your waist to hip and bust ratio increases which is almost a always a good thing. Although you’ll always be able to find some people that like something, most guys aren’t going to be into the super extreme waspie look you see some women doing, so don’t worry about cinching your corset way in if you haven’t been waist training. Just try shape your torso by tightening the  corset from the inside out, contouring the lacing to your body.

If you have a beautiful bust you’d like to show off for your photos, you may want to check out the under bust options available. If you need bust support and still want to wear an underbust, the pro tip is to wear a bra that enhances your chest with the underbust corset. You can do quarter to full cup according to your taste. The balance becomes how much you want to show vs how much you need to support and shape.

The upside to doing your outfits with an under bust corset is that you can can customize the top of your corset with any look or supporting qualities you want. Try mixing and matching different bra and  bottom options with your underbust corset for different looks! 

Babydolls Are Boudoir Outfits Guys Love

babydolls are an example of lingerie that guys love
One of my boudoir clients wearing babydoll lingerie for her photoshoot

With the exception of those with diamond and pear shape body types, all other body shapes can see enhancement with a baby doll.

Babydolls are a lot like slips or chemises except instead of form fitting around the hips, they generally flair out at the hips into a skirt. Knowing that men are going to be attracted to your curves, this makes babydolls especially effective for inverted triangle body types that have narrow hips.

If you have stretch marks on your tummy or are a plus size body type, babydolls are again a fantastic style for drawing attention away from your tummy and paying up your bust and hips. 

Make sure that you choose the babydolls with the built in bust support if you need it. The sheer mesh skirt options can be quite revealing, so make sure and use these styles only if you need light concealment for very light skin imperfections. 

Women with rectangle body types can consider babydolls made from non see though materials, but they aren’t the best choice for enhancing your hourglass shape if you would benefit from reducing the size of your waist.

This is because babydolls are light shapers, and won’t cinch in the waist like rectangle bodies typically need. That said, they can improve the waist to hip ratio on rectangle bodies, so feel free to try this out if you think it would help help balance your curves.  

Suspenders & Stockings Are Part of Boudoir Outfits Guys Love

One of my clients wearing a bra, panty, garter and stocking set for her boudoir photoshoot

Guys will love suspenders and stockings because of the amount of skin these outfits show. You’ll love them because of the way they’ll enhance your body and strategically conceal common areas women are nervous about.

For example, women with a nice figure that need lower tummy concealment can strategically draw attention away from the area with a garter belt. Another example would be if you have varicose veins or cellulite on your legs. Stockings are the best garment for smoothing out these areas in a sexy way. 

Just remember that although stockings and garters can offer extra enhancement or a styling options, it’s still very important to pick a bra and panty that also highlights your best features and downplays any body insecurities you may have. 

Garter Examples

Stocking Examples

Where To Buy Boudoir Outfits Guys Love

Now that you have some good examples boudoir outfits guys love, you’re probably wondering where to buy boudoir outfits for your upcoming photo shoot. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! Explore the post linked above for a list of lingerie retailers for any style or budget.

Now that you know some of my favorite lingerie styles that I love at the moment, what are some styles you’ve found that your guy loved on you?  Share your favorite finds in the comments below to help other women find sexy outfits for their upcoming photoshoots!

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