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Boudoir Lingerie For Your Body Type

Choosing lingerie for your body type is they key to enhancing your figure for your boudoir photoshoot. It’s also one of the most effective ways for diminishing any insecurities you might have about your body.

By diminishing these insecurities and enhancing your best assets, you will not only feel more confident for your photo shoot, but your final images will turn out better as well.

This post will show you how to choose boudoir lingerie for your body type and thus help you get the best photos possible from your photoshoot. If you’re unsure exactly what body type you have, this calculator should help you determine your body shape. Once you know your shape, simply select your body type from the list below to learn what lingerie styles will enhance your body type best.

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Boudoir Lingerie For Your Body Type – Hourglass

boudoir lingerie for your body type
One of my clients with a classic hour glass figure enhancing her body with a bra and panty set

Hourglass shape bodies have a shilloutte that has clearly defined curves at the bust, a waist line smaller than the bust and hips, and hips proportionate to the bust. This is the body shape men are hardwired to be attracted to and what all other body types in this list will try to get closer to with their outfit choices.

Women with this body shape should try to accentuate their hourglass shape further with their lingerie, but the exciting news is that you can choose to do this with pretty much any lingerie style you want. 

For example you can cinch in your waist line with a corset to draw more attention to your bust and hips. You can also show off your natural shape with demi bra and thong. 

Consider yourself one of the lucky ones with this body type and have fun experimenting with all the different options you have available to you!


Boudoir Lingerie For Your Body Type – Inverted Triangle

boudoir lingerie for your body type
One of my clients with an inverted triangle body type using a blazer to help balance her proportions

Women with an inverted triangle body type have either broad shoulders or a large bust. They also have a defined waist line, but struggle with narrow hips. If you have this body type, you will see profound enhancements to your figure if you exaggerate the size of your hips thus improving your hip to waist ratio.

Lingerie that will help add curves to your hips include any lingerie that fits tightly at the waist and flairs out at the hips. Outfits like babydolls, tulle skirts and form fitted dresses all flair out at the hips and will all improve the figure of those with inverted triangle bodies.

Skirts in particular can also be added to other lingerie for the same effect. For instance, you could pair a teddy with a tulle or mesh skirt over it. Normally a teddy wouldn’t be a great choice for this body type on it’s own, but with the addition of this skirt, this will help get you closer to an hourglass shape.


Boudoir Lingerie For Your Body Type – Rectangle

boudoir lingerie for your body type
One of my clients with a square body type wearing a corset to help draw in her waist line

Women with rectangle bodies might classify themselves as plus size or curvy body types. If you have this body type, you likely don’t have a defined waist line and minimal (or none) waist to hip / bust ratio.

The best outfits for women with rectangle body types will be any corset or waist cincher style lingerie that you can use to reduce the size of your waist. By making your waistline smaller you’ll get your silhouette closer to an hourglass shape which will be most flattering for your body type. If you need help finding the best cheap corsets for your body type, you can check out this post for more ideas.

As a general rule I suggest women with a rectangle body type avoid lingerie styles like chemises, teddies and bustier’s as these garments won’t improve your shape. Instead I’d exaggerate the size of your bust and hips with a babydoll or chinch in your waist with the best underbust coreset you can afford. By getting an underbust corset, you can then pair it with a bra that will best enhance the size of your bust. 


Boudoir Lingerie For Your Body Type – Diamond

an example of one of my clients with a diamond body shape
One of my clients with a diamond body shape posed into deep shadow to help slim out her figure

Diamond shaped women have a waist line that is larger than their hips and or bust. Generally speaking so long as your waist isn’t too much bigger than your hips or bust you can generally shape your tummy and torso more than you’d think with a coreset. This is pretty much the only garmet that will get this body type closer to an hour glass shape. 

If you want to further exaggerate the corset you can find other things like ruffle tops, large hats and tulle skirts to try and exaggerate the size of your bust and hips. These things will pair very nicely with the containment of a coreset.

If you try multiple combinations of these ideas and nothing seems to work, your best next step will be to reduce your waist line with these exercises. You’ll make progress fast with the suggested regimen. 

If you decide to begin working out before your boudoir photo shoot, I recommend getting your goal size corset custom made for you now and then work towards a photo shoot with your custom made piece! This is a great way to motivate yourself to start making diet and exercise part of your daily routine!


Boudoir Lingerie For Your Body Type – Pear

One my boudoir clients with a pear body shape showing off her best features

Women with pear shaped bodies have big butts, a well defined waist line and a small chest. If your body fits this description you’d do best to try on lots of bras and buy the pushups and bralettes that make your bust look it’s fullest. By exaggerating your bust to look bigger, you’ll bring balance to your hip curve. 

In extreme examples it’s not a bad idea to look at half tops with big frilly details to try and exaggerate the size of your bust. Sometimes even large hats can have a balancing affect to complete the hour glass shape.

Additionally, outfits like loose fitting chemises and nightgowns will also look spectacular on your body type. For those that want sexier images from their photo shoot, consider playing to your strengths and really making sure you get pieces to showcase your butt, back or legs.


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I hope this post helped shed some light on how to choose boudoir outfits for your body type. The main idea no matter your shape is to simply choose lingerie that enhances your shilloutte and balances your curves. This is the best approach when trying to figure out what lingerie to buy for your upcoming boudoir photo shoot! 

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