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How to Choose Boudoir Outfits for Your Body Type

One of the most common questions I’m asked by my clients is how to choose boudoir outfits for your body type. Every body type has lingerie that can enhance your unique strengths and diminish your insecurities.

By diminishing these insecurities and enhancing your best assets, you will not only feel more confident for your photo shoot, but your final images will turn out better as well.

My goal with this post is to show you how to choose boudoir outfits for your specific body type and thus help you get the best photos possible from your photo shoot. Simply select your body type from the list below to learn what lingerie styles you should consider to enhance your body.

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How To Choose Boudoir Outfits for Pear Body Type

The pear shape (also sometimes referred to as the triangle body type) is when the lower part of the body is proportionately larger when compared to the bust and shoulders. Women with this body type have round butts, a well defined waistline and small bust.

Women with this body type will enhance their overall shilloutte by exaggerating their bust size to try and balance their proportions. Lingerie such as push up bras and bralettes will help give your bust more size as will bustier’s and corsets with push-up styles of support.  


How To Choose Boudoir Outfits for Rectangle Body Types

Rectangle shaped women are those with a shilloutte that has an undefined waist and little to no defined curves at the bust and hips. The best lingierie option to enhance this body type is anything that will cinch the waist in to try and give you more of an hourglass figure. 

The best lingerie for this body type will be any corset or waist cincher that you can lace up tight. This will greatly enhance your body so you can create a hip / bust to waist ratio. Women with this body type should avoid lingerie like bustiers, chemises and teddies as these options won’t shape your waist enough for the desired effect. 


How To Choose Boudoir Outfits for Inverted Triangle Body Types

Women with the inverted triangle body type are defined by their broad shoulders, well defined waist line, and small hips. Women with this body type will enhance their overall shape by exaggerating their hips and bringing them more in proportion with your upper body.

Lingerie like babydolls, and tulle skirts that flair out at the hips will help crate the illusion of wider hips and bring your shilloutte into a more flattering shilloutte. 


How To Choose Boudoir Outfits for Hourglass Body Types

Women with an hourglass body shape have a curvy bust, well define waist line and wide hips. This is basically the body type all other body types will try to get closer to when selecting lingerie. Women who already have this shilloutte should choose lingerie that further enhances your natural natural shapes.

Lingerie styles like a demi cup bra and panty set will help finesse the shape you bust. Larger busts can also consider balconettes especially if  you need bust support.

To enhance your waist, you can really exaggerate your shape by using corsets or waist cinchers. That said if you only want to lightly shape your waist, you can also consider bustier’s, garter sets and teddies.

To exaggerate the size of your hips you can do this with babydolls, Tulle skirts, and garter sets.


How To Choose Boudoir Outfits Tor Diamond Body Types

how to choose boudoir outfits for your body type

Women with diamond shaped bodies have a waist that is wider than their bust and hips. Depending on how much bigger your waist is, you can try and improve your shilloutte with a corset or waist cincher.

For larger women with a round shape there may not be any waist cinching that can bring your waist closer to an hour glass shape. If this is the case, sometimes the best option is to diminish your torso with a teddy, chemises or high waist panties. That said, most round body types should be able to use a quality corset to cinch in the waist for a noticeable improvement.

Another option is to try and make your bust and hips look larger (and thus your waist smaller by comparison) with enhancements like balconette bras, tulle skirts and babydolls.


Maternity Boudoir Outfits To Enhance Your  Bump

I hope this post helped shed some light on how to better choose boudoir outfits for your body type. That said, there are some unique circumstances in your life (such as pregnancy) where standard boudoir outfits aren’t the best choice. If you’re pregnant and need some maternity boudoir outfits to enhance your body, this post will help give you some specific ideas for that unique circumstance. 

If you’ve read this post and still feel stuck, let me what you’re unsure about in the comments and I’ll help you figure out how to choose boudoir outfits for your body type.

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