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15 Slimming Boudoir Outfits For All Body Types

Although you should always choose boudoir outfits for your body type, there are four  slimming boudoir outfits that work pretty well on just about everyone. In an effort to save you hours of research, this post is a curated list of my favorite lingerie to help you slim your waistline for your upcoming photo shoot!

The best lingerie to help you get closer to an hourglass figure are:

  1. Corsets
  2. Waist Cinchers
  3. Teddies & Bodysuits
  4. High Waist Panties & Garters

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Corsets Are Slimming Boudoir Outfits

Corsets are slimming boudoir outfits
One of my clients wearing a corset, garter and stockings as an example of a slimming boudoir outfit

Corsets are the easiest and best choice to slim your waist line for your boudoir photo shoot. I recommend you avoid the affordable lingerie brands when shopping for corsets as they are generally low quality. 

Cheap corset’s in particular are a bad choice if you’re looking for slimming lingerie. The reason for this is because these coresets often come with low quality satin laces that won’t tolerate the tight lacing required to slim your waist line. 

For not much more money you can get yourself a custom corset made for your body’s measurements by a premium lingerie brand. This will be money well spent, as the corset is arguably the best lingerie for exaggerating the hourglass shape of your body.  


Waist Cinchers Are Slimming Boudoir Outfits

Waist cinchers and underbust corsets are just as good as corsets at slimming the waist line, and when paired with a bra offer a lot of customization. This means you can  get multiple looks from one underbust corset when you pair it with different bra and panty sets. 

For those that want more provocative photos you can also do a set wearing no bra at all. This is a good option for women that need tummy concealment but still want to show off their bust. 


Teddies & Bodysuits Are Slimming Boudoir Outfits

One of my clients wearing a teddy as an example of a slimming boudoir outfit

Although teddies and body suits won’t cinch in the waist like a coreset, they’re still good for light shaping of the torso. Teddies and bodysuits will be great slimming boudoir outfits for women who have loose skin from loosing a significant amount of weight, and mothers who have stretch marks they want to conceal.

Teddies can also be a great option for plus size women so long as they don’t fall into the diamond body shape category. Since teddies are light shapers this style will be ineffective for supporting large waist lines. That said, they work especially well for women worried about stretch marks or a bit of excess fat in the lower tummy area.


High Waist Panties & Garters Are Slimming Boudoir Outfits

high waist panties are slimming boudoir outfits
One of my clients wearing a sport coat, bow tie and high waist panties as an example of a slimming boudoir outfit

High waist panties and garters are slimming lingerie options that a lot of women overlook. These work really well for women who want to conceal their lower tummy area but are okay showing off their upper tummy below their bust. 

This style of panty is also good at concealing love handles around the hip line, that said they will be rendered ineffective for larger ladies that have rolls they want to conceal on their back at the waist line. 

High waist panties are a particularly good choice for pear body types as these women generally benefit from smoothing the lower tummy and love handle area. In reality though the lower tummy is often the last area that our bodies retain fat, so even most slim women will appreciate the concealment that a nice garter set will provide.


Slimming Boudoir Outfits, The Bottom Line

I hope this post helped you discover some slimming boudoir outfits for your upcoming photo shoot. Remember that if you can only have one piece of lingerie to slim your waist, you’d likely do best to choose a high quality corset and have it made to your measurements.

This will give you the most significant slimming effect of all the lingerie options out there as no other style has done it better for the last 6 centuries. 

Let me know in the comments your favorite lingerie brands and pieces you use for slimming your waist line. I and everyone reading this would be interested to hear what’s working for you! 

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