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16 Ideas For Where To Buy Boudoir Outfits

As a boudoir photographer, I’m often asked where to buy boudoir outfits. To save you time, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite lingerie retailers. But before you go shopping, remember that you probably already have some sexy things in your closet. Styling your outfits for your boudoir photoshoot is more about creativity than buying new underwear. Here are some ideas of things to bring that you might already have:

Boudoir Outfits You Already Have

Tank Top

Tank tops are another great option for showing off your side boob and downplaying your torso. They are a good choice for women who are sensitive about their stomach area. The straps of the tank top will draw attention to your shoulders and neck, which can help to balance out your proportions.


This client cleverly concealed her tummy with a sport coat and bow tie, highlighting her chest. The combo balanced her proportions, drawing attention to her shoulders and neckline. The tailored coat added sophistication, while the bow tie exuded a bit of fantasy.


For a cozy yet sexy winter look, pair a sweater with your favorite panties and thigh-high socks. Choose cut-off sweaters to show off your tummy or wide-neck styles to show off your collar bone.


A popular boudoir outfit for ladies with bohemian flair is a wide-opening garment, like this rear-zippered style, which allows for a tasteful way to show off your back as your session progresses. This style of garment also provides a touch of mystery and intrigue, teasing while showing bits and pieces.


Often overlooked but surprisingly versatile, a plain t-shirt can be used as a seductive and alluring top for your boudoir photoshoot. To add a touch of sensuality, ditch the bra if you want to spice things up Opt for shirts with wide or low-cut necklines to draw even more attention down.

Tank Top

Tank tops are a great way to draw attention away from your tummy area and put all of the attention to your side boob. Pair it with your favorite thong and you have a very sexy outfit that you didn’t even have to shop for.

Button Up Shirt

Some women bring their significant others shirt, and some bring a button up that fits them. I prefer the button up blouse that fits you because his usually makes your silhouette appear larger then it really is.


A scarf is one of the best props you can bring to your photoshoot. This is especially true if you want implied nudes. A strategically placed scarf allows for sexy looks while keeping your photos tasteful. 

Where to Buy Boudoir Outfits Online

Once you find some pieces from your closet, then you can look into buying a few sexy outfits for your photoshoot. Remember that the most important thing is to balance your proportions when choosing outfits. If you need help finding lingerie to enhance your body type check out this post.

Where To Buy Affordable Boudoir Outfits 

These affordable lingerie brands are worth checking out for accessory items. Pieces like thigh high stockings, sheer lace robes, and adhesive bras are generally decent quality and affordable from these retailers.

For main pieces like teddies, chemises and corsets, some pieces will make for beautiful photos, but most will look cheap in the final images. Be prepared to overbuy and return what doesn’t fit or isn’t as nice as the pictures. The following examples are a good place to start for those wondering where to buy boudoir outfits.

amazon is an example of where to buy boudoir outfits

When you think about where to buy boudoir clothing online, Walmart probably get’s dismissed before you check it out because it’s commonly associated with low quality outfits. Although Walmart does carry cheap lingerie, some of it can look good enough for photos, so long as you’re willing to shop around, try everything on and return what doesn’t fit.

That said, where Walmart really shines is when shopping for lingerie accessories like: thigh high stockings, sheer lace robes, and adhesive bras. For these kinds of items, Walmart will likely have the best prices at similar quality to anything you will find at the other retailers.


Frederick's is an example of where to buy boudoir outfits
Teddy Lingerie from Frederick's of Hollywood

Frederick’s of Hollywood has a good variety of affordable lingerie for all body types. If you’re on a budget, Frederick’s is a good place to shop for sexier see though options like sheer chemises, teddies and robes.

Overall their website is very easy to navigate and you shouldn’t have any trouble finding what you’re looking for. Like all cheap lingerie brands, I recommend buying a bunch of things you think you might like from here and return what doesn’t fit your body.


hips and curves is an example of where to buy boudoir outfits
Marilyn Bustier from Hips & Curves

Hips & Curves is another affordable brand that offers a good variety of decent budget lingerie. Their website definitely appears to cater mostly to plus size women and I’d caution those reading this to choose from their form fitted options so as not to increase the size of your shilloutte in your boudoir photos.

In particular, hips and curves has a good selection of affordable bras, panties, garter belts and bustiers. This would be a good place to find sexy options for light shaping and general enhancement of plus size figures.


Victoria’s Secret is another affordable lingerie brand that offers some decent pieces that can photograph well. This is yet another brand I’d recommend buying more pieces then you think you might like, and then return what doesn’t fit later.

Historically Victoria’s Secret has been known as a lingerie brand for leaner body types. Recently however, I’ve noticed their catalog has expanded a lot to include more variety for larger body types.


Yandy is an example of where to buy boudoir outfits
Sheer Lace Halter Top Teddy From Yandy

Yandy is another affordable lingerie brand I like to explore for sexier lingerie if you’re on a tight budget. Overall the quality of pieces from this retailer can leave something to be desired. Nevertheless, if you’re willing to do some digging, there are some gems in their store that will photograph pretty well for your photo shoot.

As always with budget lingerie companies like Yandy, make sure and overbuy what you think you might like, and return what doesn’t work for your body. Generally speaking I browse Yandy for things like: sheer chemises and form fitted sheer body suites.


Where To Buy Quality Boudoir Outfits

These following are quality lingerie brands and are worth checking out for key pieces. Lingerie like: bras, panties, chemises, and teddies will be noticeably better quality when compared to the affordable lingerie brands.

For things like corsets you’ll find some pretty decent options from the retailers in this section. Obviously the lingerie in this category costs more a bit more, but it’s also visibly nicer stuff for your photos. 

I’d recommend you compare prices for lingerie accessories (like thigh high stockings) at these retailers. In my experience, these accessories are generally available for better prices at affordable lingerie retailers and are typically of similar quality. 

That said, the following retailers are good places to start if you’re wondering where to buy boudoir outfits that are nicer than the budget options mentioned above.

Chiffon Robe From Anya Lust

Anya lust is currently one of my lingerie retailers to suggest to all body types. The lingerie here isn’t cheap, and some of it frankly isn’t worth the price they’re asking. That said they also have an incredibly diverse, top quality lingerie collection for just about every body type.

Their website is very easy to navigate and they do a great job of organizing all their lingerie by style, occasion and body type all at the same time. Somehow you just kind of find what you want on their website in a really unconventional way.

All of their lines seem to really care about providing different pieces for different body types. They also clearly care about giving modest women more conservative looks and give those that want a spicier photos more sheer choices.


agent provocateur is an example of where to buy boudoir outfits
Bra and Panty Garter Set by Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur is one of the more well known premium lingerie brands on the market. This British brand is all about bold and fearless femininity. The lead designer, Sarah Shotton, prides herself on innovative design with freedom and pleasure in mind.

All of Agent Provocateur’s lingerie is designed in house with exclusive fabrics. Their signature motifs combined with intricate details let you know what lingerie it is before you even have a chance to look at the tag.

This lingerie is truly world class and a great option for your boudoir photo shoot if you have the money. That said most of the pieces featured on their website seem to be targeted at average to lean body types. Thus, plus size ladies will probably do better to check out other retailers for pieces that will better fit their body type.

An example of where to buy quality lingerie
Balconette Bra From Bare Necessities Lingerie

Bare Necessities lingerie doesn’t have a lot of variety, however they do carry some quality microbrand bras for bustier women who need support. Leaner women can skip this shop, but if you’re a chestier women that wants some nice tops for modesty or shaping of your breasts for your boudoir photos, there’s some real gems to be discovered from this retailer.

Overall I find Bare Necessities website to be slightly harder to navigate than many of the other retailers. That said, they do offer a line of mastectomy bras which is a unique category most other lingerie shops don’t have.


playful promises is an example of where to buy boudoir outfits
Red Snake Balconette Bra From Playful Promises

Playful promises is a collection of lingerie, swimwear and active wear brands that offers quality options for all body types and price points.

This mischievous and practical London based brand boasts over 80 bra sizes and is expanding slowly but surely. Playful promises is known for outré designs that flatter a wide range of body types especially fuller busted and plus size women.

I particularly like the way this brand makes lingerie in style ranges. For example, you’ll notice a nice panty set that’s pretty revealing clearly designed for fit women without tummy insecurities. Next to that design you’ll also find high waisted options that look like siblings of the former.

This means that this brand truly makes pieces to accommodate all body types from middle age mothers to young athletic women. Most brands accommodate different body types, but only premium brands like Playful Promises make similar pieces designed for vastly different shapes.

simone perele is an example of where to buy boudoir outfits
One of my boudoir clients photographed in Simone Perele bra and panty set

Leaning on the qualities of French style, Simone Perele lingerie was created in 1948 by a talented corset maker. Perele’s vision was to liberate women by creating lingerie that combined both perfect fit and style.

Ahead of her time, Simone Perele leaves behind a legacy of refinement, precision and superior support that continues today. For example, each piece takes roughly 18 months to come to market. In this time, each new range is trialed and tested on women of every size to ensure perfect fit for all body types.

On average over 35 pieces make up a Simone Perele bra. Materials are very high quality and will outclass anything you can purchase on affordable lingerie websites.

Where To Buy Custom & Premium Boudoir Outfits

In this section you’ll find the top brands of lingierie currently on the market. Everything that follows is either made to order in small batches or custom tailored to your measurements.

If you can afford it, I strongly recommend acquiring any of the brands mentioned below for your boudoir photo shoot. These pieces will shape and sculpt your body better than any budget option. The following brands are for those that want lingerie that is truly unique for their boudoir photo shoot.

Else is an example of where to buy boudoir lingerie
One of my boudoir clients wearing an Else lingerie bra and panty set

Else is a quality hand made lingerie brand that offers pieces many levels above anything you’ll find on amazon. Else describes their style as timeless yet versatile lingerie.

Only time will tell if their styles will endure, but generally speaking I like the simplicity of their designs. The quality and attention to detail of this brand is world class judging from the pieces I’ve photographed.

This lingerie will not only help you look great for your photos, it’s also really soft and comfortable too. I recommend that instead of buying the uncomfortable budget lingerie for your photo shoot, you pay a little more and get something like Else lingerie that you’ll actually want to wear again. Wearing stuff like this under your day to day clothes will feel like a treat every time you get to wear them.


Corset Story is one of my favorite retailers to recommend when people ask me where to buy boudoir outfits. They are a great balance of hand made craftsmanship and affordability.

This boutique is located in Warwick, England which is an area known for it’s textile history. The designs are heavily influenced by traditional Elizabethan fashion and blended with burlesque and steam punk undertones.

Corset story works closely with specialist tailors in China, India and Nepal to craft hand made pieces that are worlds better than anything you can buy from the cheap lingerie companies.


Playboy cover from December 2002
December 2002 playboy cover featuring Dita Von Teese wearing a Dark Garden Corset

Based in San Francisco, California, Dark Garden is the premiere corset maker all others are measured against. These hand made corsets are so stunning that one was actually commissioned by Dita Von Teese for the cover of Playboy back in 2002.

One of my favorite things about this boutique is their commitment to quality. Dark Garden makes all of their pieces by hand at their location in small batches with a tiny team of 5 people who cut, stitch and draft new pieces according to Autum’s visions.

Autum is the owner and lead designer at Dark Garden Corsets and is still intimately involved in fitting customer corsets, as well as prototyping new designs. Typical couture ensembles are completely custom made for your body and usually require 5 appointments to make sure each piece fits your body perfectly.

etsy is an example of where to buy boudoir outfits
Hand made sheer mesh and lace babydoll from LolitaLingerieSG on Etsy

While not all shops on Etsy offer hand made, premium quality lingerie, there are a few sellers that do exceptional work. For truly unique, premium quality lingerie, I highly recommend checking out the example shops listed below.

These shops make exceptional lingerie that will truly bring your boudoir photos to the next level. I’m particularly partial to the sheer nightgowns, babydolls, teddies and Victorian homage pieces these boutiques offer.

Pretty much anything you get from these shops will be overwhelmingly better than what’s available from the affordable brands.

Example Shops

harlow and fox is an example of where to buy boudoir lingerie
Harlow & Fox bra panty and garter set

Harlow & Fox is a luxury lingerie brand based out of Great Britain that caters to women with a DD-G cup size. This brand is fairly new and was founded in 2011 by creative director Leanna Williams.

Leanna’s mission statement is to design luxurious garments that fit and support larger cup sized women with extraordinary style. Staying true to her commitment over a decade later, this brand still makes pieces true to form using only the finest materials.

These elements combined make Harlow & Fox one of the best places for plus size women to shop for boudoir outfits. For premium lingerie, all of the pieces are priced very reasonably.

Harlow & Fox’s website is intuitively easy to navigate and boasts an excellent selection of bras, panties garters and suspenders to flatter larger body types. I highly recommend this brand for women who need to support larger busts and those who’d like to downplay tummy insecurities.

white woman in a green bra panty and garter set
Bra, panty, garter and thigh high set from I.D. Sarrieri

Since I.D. Sarrieri’s inception at the start of the 21st century, this premium brand lingerie has pays homage to traditional glamour styling. They believe that with these timeless designs, their lingerie will promote femininity and enable the wearer to feel her most alluring.

With a culture focused around an attention to detail, the lingerie from this brand is designed to be seen; blurring the lines between lingerie and pieces you wear daily. Everything from this retailer is stunning and will enhance your boudoir photos over lesser quality options. Each piece is designed to be truly be a special item in the wardrobe.

Semi annually, new designs are proposed to fit and expand the owner’s existing lingerie collection. The I.D. Sarrieri website is very easy to navigate and find what you’re looking for.

I particularly like the way this brand has style ranges. This means you could buy high waist panties or a high hip thong with very similar styling that encompasses each “range.” These ranges allow all body types access to the designs they need to compliment their body type in each offering.

Did I Miss Your Favorite Lingerie Brand???

I want to make this the best resource I can for everyone wondering where to buy boudoir outfits for their upcoming photo shoot. With this in mind, if you have a lingerie brand you like that wasn’t mentioned in this post, let me know what it is in the comments.

I will add your best suggestions to this list in an attempt to help everyone get better boudoir photos for their upcoming session. If you still need help with boudoir outfit ideas, you can check out this post to help you pick the best lingerie for your body type. Hope this helps and that you get amazing photos from your upcoming session!

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