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17 Ideas Of Where To Buy Boudoir Clothing Online

One of the most common questions I’m asked as a boudoir photographer is where to buy boudoir clothing online. In an effort to save you hours of research, this post is a curated list of my favorite retailers that I recommend to my clients.

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Affordable Boudoir Clothing Online

hips and curves is an example of where to buy boudoir outfits
Marilyn Bustier from Hips & Curves

The following are the affordable boudoir clothing retailers that I recommend to my clients. These places are really useful for buying complimentary garments like thigh high stockings, sheer lace robes, adhesive bras etc.

You can also buy main pieces from these retailers like teddies, chemises and babydolls, however I find that you really need to dig though their catalogs to find decent quality pieces. Having the taste to know the difference is the thing some people struggle with. 

I suggest that even if you’re still on a budget that you at least look at the higher end lingerie retailers mentioned later in this post. By comparing the premium brands with the affordable ones, it should make it easier for you to spot the quality pieces as you happen upon them in your search at the affordable places. 

Also, be prepared to overbuy lingerie from these places and return the stuff that doesn’t fit perfectly. You’ll obviously want to do this well in advance of your photo shoot to make sure you have enough time for the back in forth nature of online shopping. 


Quality Boudoir Clothing Online

playful promises is an example of where to buy boudoir outfits
Red Snake Balconette Bra From Playful Promises

The following are the quality boudoir clothing retailers online that I recommend to my clients. Generally, the lingerie at these places is going to be much higher quality than anything at the affordable options. 

On the other hand, It’s also true that some of the pieces feel way over priced when compared to some of the custom options which we’ll talk about later.

Even if you don’t choose to buy any lingerie at these places, you should still check out their lingerie. If nothing else you can see how really nice stuff compares to the made to order lingerie you just found on Etsy.

Another thing that’s cool about shopping for lingerie from higher end companies like those mentioned below is some of them offer ranges within the styles. This is very cool! For instance, some of these retailers will have bra and panty sets that look very similar, but are styled differently to accommodate different body types.

In other words, the plus size version isn’t just a scaled up version of the thong. In this example the plus size woman would have a high waist panty and the athletic body could choose the thong of the same style. The lingerie look like siblings to each other, close but definitely not identical.

Custom / Premium Boudoir Clothing Online 

corset story is an example of where to buy boudoir outfits
Corset Story underbust corset paired with pink bra and panty set

Everything in this section is either hand made to order boutiques or really high end designer brands.

For example in the case of the hand made to order lingerie, you’ll notice some of the brands mentioned make custom corsets according to your measurements. Other brands like Dark Garden will actually baroque tailor your corset to your body. 

For those that don’t know the difference, custom made to your measurements is when you take your own measurements and send them to an online company. This is an example of custom made to order piece.

To have a baroque tailored corset made, you’ll have to be physically measured by the tailor and actually wear the piece for final finishing of the garment. This is a pretty big distinction if you’re way deep into the fashion weeds. 

For the rest of us that just want really pretty things without going into the fashion weeds, the designer brands like Harlow & Fox, I.D Sarrieri, and Else are all very different styles that offer premium quality lingerie in a wide variety of sizes.

Still Confused About Where To Buy Boudoir Clothes Online?

If you feel overwhelmed right now with where to buy your boudoir clothes, don’t worry. To make the process easy for you I suggest you first check out this post about how to choose lingerie for your body type

Once you know what styles will flatter your body type most, you may find this post about how to color coordinate your boudoir clothes helpful when making your final lingerie choices.  

As always please like and share if you found this post helpful. If you have any suggestions about brands I missed, please mention them in the comments so I can add them and make this post more helpful to others! 

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