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Boudoir Corsets For 2023

Choosing boudoir corsets that fit your body well can be one of the best investments you’ll make in preparation for your upcoming photoshoot. This is because corsets are the best lingerie for shaping your body and enhancing your hour glass shape.

That said, you may have never worn a corset before and you might be asking yourself which corset should I get for my body type? Others might just want to know where to start shopping. 

In any case, this guide will help give you boudoir corset ideas for your upcoming photoshoot. Corset styles include:

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Boudoir Overbust Corsets

boudoir corsets
One of my boudoir clients posing with an overbust corset

Overbust corsets are hands down the best shaping lingerie for women. This lingerie style is the most effective tool you have accentuate your natural hourglass shapes. 

Make sure you try on any off the rack option well before your photo shoot to make sure it fits you well, especially in the bust.

Also, If you decide to get an affordable corset from somewhere like Yandy, or Fredericks, consider changing out any cheap satin lacing with something like this flat lace. This easy, cheap upgrade will make the corset look much higher quality in your photos.

If you have the money and the time, you can have a custom or baroque corset made to your measurements. Having a custom corset maker like Corset Story, Dark Garden Corsets or Orchard Corset make a corset specifically for your body will enhance your figure better than any other lingerie option. This will directly translate into better boudoir photos. 

For those that want to check out some off the rack boudoir corset ideas, the following options should get you started. 


Boudoir Underbust Corsets

boudoir corsets underbust waspie
Underbust "Waspie" by Corset Story

Sometimes called waist trainers or waspies, underbust corsets are excellent for reducing and shaping your waist  line. The big difference between these and the overbust corsets is under bust corsets stop just below your bust line instead of covering it.

This means you can wear your underbust corset topless if you don’t need bust support. Alternatively, you can mix and match your underbust corset with your favorite bras for ultimate customization.

In fact, if you’re going to buy your corset off the rack (not custom made) you’ll likely find that that this lingerie will enhance your body better than off the rack over bust options. This is because instead of having to find a corset that fits your torso and bust perfectly, you can just focus on something that fits your torso and pair it with the perfect bra.

This also means that with one waspie you can create multiple looks by pairing them with different bra and panty sets. As always with any kind of aggressive shape wear, the custom options (mentioned above) will always look better for your final photos over the budget options. This is because they’re not only made with higher quality materials but because they’re also custom made from your measurements. 

That’s not to say that you won’t be able to find off the rack options that look great on you. What it does mean though is that you might need to try on a bunch of different waist trainers until you find one that shapes your body perfectly.


Boudoir Bustier Corsets

boudoir corsets Bustier
Playful Promises Bustier

In contrast to the waist cincher corsets mentioned above, boudoir bustier corsets are a light duty shaping garment that offer good bust and upper tummy concealment for your boudoir photos.

This means that if you need bust support or have minor insecurities around your upper tummy you  want to smooth out, you can use these. That said you shouldn’t expect bustier’s to reduce your waist line and thus improve your shilloutte. 

The reason for this is because bustier’s don’t cinch in the waist like lace up corsets do. Instead bustier’s are generally made from more delicate elastic materials which are designed to form fit against your body. This can be helpful for concealing stretch marks or adding extra modesty to your photos. That said, the delicate materials paired with the less robust fastening system of these pieces make them too delicate for significant shaping.

Where bustier’s really shine is with their bust support. In fact it’s actually best think about bustier’s as conservative bras rather than as corsets. If you think of these more as a way to shape and support your breasts you’ll likely appreciate the enhancement more than if you think of them the other way around. 


Boudoir Corset Dresses

Corset dress by Etsy store CreatiVisionWeddings

Boudoir corset dresses are an often overlooked outfit for boudoir photoshoots. I like to use these as a conservative beginning outfits to help warm my clients up in front of the camera.

The combination of the shaping of the corset paired with conservative nature of the dress will help show off your body’s shape while also making you feel adequately covered while you learn to pose in front of  the camera.

Corset dresses are generally a niche garment so quality ensembles are generally a bit expensive. That said, don’t forget that you can also make your own corset dress by pairing corset with different skirts like this. This technique will also allow you to color coordinate different corset and skirt options together for the ultimate customization.

For example you could pair this underbust corset (black) with this bra (black & cream) and this skirt (cream). This would create truly one of kind dress you could use at the beginning of your set. You could then also remove the skirt to dress this outfit down later in your set!


Where To Buy Boudoir Corsets

Now that you have some examples of boudoir corsets you can use to enhance your figure, I also suggest you check out these boudoir outfit ideas for your upcoming session. This guide will help you come up with more inspiration for bras, teddies, chemises, garters and more!

Before you check that out though, what are some of your favorite boudoir corset’s you’ve found in y our searches? Share your top finds below in the comments below, I’d love to see them!

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