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Lingerie For Self Conscious Women

As a boudoir photographer, I’m often asked by my clients what they should wear to enhance different areas of their bodies. For today’s topic, I will show you the best lingerie for self conscious women. In this post we will cover specific lingerie styles you should consider to diminish the common insecurities women have.

Armed with this knowledge, you can then enhance your body using the best lingerie styles for your circumstance. This will in turn help you feel sexier and more confident when you wear it for your  lover.

Common areas of insecurity I’ve noted after photographing hundreds of boudoir sessions include:

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Lingerie For Self Conscious Women Worried About Their Bust

Lingerie for self conscious
One of my boudoir clients wearing a demi bra and briefs

Insecurity of the bust can come in many different forms for women. For small busted women the insecurity generally stems from not having large enough breasts. Conversely for mothers, the insecurity generally revolves around bust perkiness. 

Fortunately there are lost of bra and top  options that can help all women feel sexier. The trick is to choose the style that’s right for you. This is because different styles are designed to enhance different body types. 

For example, women with small breasts can use push up bras to enhance both the size and shape of their bust. These bras will help you create cleavage and will give you the illusion of a larger bust.

If you’re breasts are too small where even a padded push up bra doesn’t create cleavage, I’d use something like a bralette that completely covers your breasts. The extra material will help create the illusion of more volume.

For Mother’s worried about breast perkiness, demi bras are a good all around bra that will show off your cleavage while giving you notable shape and support. 

For especially large busted women, balconettes seem to work the best. This is because balconettes go a step further and offer even more upward support adding exaggerated shape for women who need extra lift. 

Lingerie For Self Conscious Women Worried About Their Upper Arms

Lingerie For Self Conscious
One of my boudoir clients wearing a sheer lace robe

Although not super common, some women store a signifiagant amount of their body fat in their upper arms. For women with the genetic makeup I generally recommend looking into lingerie with sleeves.

Generally speaking, you’re going to want to narrow down your search to robes, gowns, body stockings, and maybe a sleeved teddy or babydoll if you’re lucky enough to find one. 

By finding pieces with sleeves you’ll be able to draw attention away from your upper arms and redirect it to other areas of your body you’d like to show case. 

For instance if you love the way your bust and tummy looks, you could wear a sheer lace robe, which would conceal your upper arms and draw attention to the front opening of the robe.

By pairing the robe with a risqué bra and panty set you can create a tastefully sexy look. Alternatively you can also wear the robe with nothing for an even sexier look.

This same technique could be done with your favorite bodysuit also. The idea is the same in any case. Use the lingerie to draw attention away from the area that makes you self conscious and redirect it to your best assets. 

Lingerie For Self Conscious Women Worried About Their Tummy / Torso

Lingerie For Self Conscious
One of my boudoir clients wearing teddy lingerie

Far and away the most common area of insecurity from women I’ve photographed has been the tummy area. Spacificlly most women feel self conscious about the lower tummy area. This is because the lower tummy is one of the primary areas everyone stores their body fat. Even when women are quite lean, many still have a pooch at the lower tummy for this reason. 

If your self conscious about your tummy, there are lots of lingerie styles that will help conceal this area. Some of those styles include: high waist panties, teddies, chemises, and bustier’s just to name a few.

For those worried about their torso around the upper back area where excess fat can fold over in the latisamis dorsi area, I recommend you stick with the higher back styles of lingerie such as chemises, teddies, and corsets. 

For those self conscious that they don’t have an hourglass shape, I strongly recommend you consider a corset or underbust waist cincher as these are the only lingerie styles that can reduce the size of your waist line. Teddies, and high waist panties on the other hand will only lightly shape these areas if you only need minor enhancement.


Lingerie For Self Conscious Women Worried About Their Butt

Lingerie to hide cellulite on butt
One of my boudoir clients wearing a sheer tulle skirt

Women who are self conscious of their butt are usually worried about either cellulite in the case of plus size women or lack of size as is generally the case with skinny women.

In either case, sheer skirts are a good option because the skirt will conceal your butt  for plus size women and can even add size to your hips. Adding size to your hips can be beneficial especially for skinny women as this will exaggerate the hour  glass shape of your shilloutte. 

Other good lingerie styles that will help conceal this area include robes, gowns, chemises, babydolls and body stockings. Even light coverage pieces like sheer tulle and lace will generally be enough to smooth out fairly pronounced cellulite. 

In most cases if you’re at all self conscious of your butt, you’re generally not going to best conceal this area with things other than panties. Very few panties designed for sexy time will be low cut enough to give you cover, so just stick with the styles already mentioned and that will give your body the best enhancement. 


Lingerie For Self Conscious Women Worried About Their Thighs

Lingerie For Self Conscious
One of my boudoir clients wearing fish net thigh high stockings

The final area I’ve noticed is common for women to to be self conscious about is the thighs. General insecurities stem from either cellulite or varicose veins, but  can also include excess fat as this is another common area where women store theirs. 

To conceal this area, robes, gowns, body stockings and skirts can be very helpful. Thigh high stockings are also very effective if you’d prefer to show off more of your hip line. Thigh high stockings are generally the sexiest option of these as they will generally allow for a bit of skin to show in the void between the upper garment and the top of the stockings

For surface skin imperfections, sheer lace or mesh are generally enough to smooth out these conditions. If the insecurities stems from excess size of the thighs, it’s generally best if you go with something that offers heavier concealment like a sheer skirt.


Choosing Lingerie For Self Conscious Areas of Your Body

I hope this post helped you come up with some ideas about how to choose lingerie for self conscious areas of your body. By enhancing these areas I hope you’ll feel more confident in the lingerie you choose to get!

If you’d like more information about lingerie for your body type, I recommend you check out this post which will go into more detail for your specific body shape.

As always if you have a question about anything, feel free to ask those down in the comments below. If you found this post helpful, please like it or also consider sharing it with a friend who you think would find it helpful!

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