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Christmas Boudoir Outfits for 2023

Styling a Christmas boudoir session is pretty easy. That said, a boudoir session with this theme is also among the easiest to make look tacky. The reason for this is mainly due to the fact that it’s easy to choose Christmas boudoir outfits and sets that aren’t styled well. Armature styling is the most common reason Christmas boudoir photos turn out cheesy. To help avoid tasteless images, I generally find that it’s best to adhere to a few guidelines which we’ll cover below.

That said, if you already feel confident in your ability to style your Christmas  boudoir outfits for your session, the following are some outfit ideas I’ve hand curated to help you get the best images possible from your session! 

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How To Style Christmas Boudoir Outfits For Photos

First, don’t think that every outfit you choose has to be specifically Christmas themed. You can absolutely choose an outfit or two of the red velvet lined with white fluffs variety, and maybe even a Santa hat in the right context. That said, you should avoid styling everything with overtly obvious lingerie and props.

A well styled Christmas boudoir outfit can be any lingerie that has winter vibes. The obvious styles that go along with this idea include winter garments like robes, sweaters and thigh high socks etc. Subtlety sprinkling in Christmas pops here and there is the way to style a classy Christmas boudoir photos.

Secondly, it’s also not a bad idea to try and find lingerie options in white, green red and gold as these are the traditional colors of Christmas. To this point, I strongly recommend you read this post about how to color coordinate outfits so you can also think about adding pops of these colors for subtle accents. Understanding how to color coordinate your Christmas boudoir outfits is arguably the biggest part making your photos tasteful.

The third and final guideline you should consider is the set (or background) of your images to complete the look. This can include having a Christmas tree in the area you want to be photographed. It can also include other things associated with the holiday like, Christmas lights, candy canes, ornaments, stockings, presents, a cup of hot cocoa, etc.

Sweater Ideas For Christmas Boudoir Outfits 

Sweaters are often one of the most overlooked Christmas boudoir outfits. The reason for this is because most women don’t typically think of sweaters as a sexy garment. What many fail to realize is when you get sweaters with the wide necks and pair them with your favorite panties, they give off a sexy, yet modest girl next door look. 

If you want to get a sweater for your photoshoot, also remember that these pair seamlessly with high socks. Knit socks in particular give off a very winter time vibe as will the sweater. By color coordinating your sweater, panties and socks with one another you can subtly style a Christmas boudoir outfit in a way that’s classy and tasteful. 


High Socks for Christmas Boudoir Outfits

High socks are another often overlooked accessory you should strongly consider for your Christmas boudoir photos. Almost everyone thinks to bring stockings to their boudoir photoshoot, but high knit socks will really take your styling to the next level for Christmas photos.

Not only will you be able to add additional color coordinating options with these socks you’ll also get access to additional posing options as you adjust and pull them up on camera.

Additionally, thigh high socks are also a fantastic accessory to consider if you have cellulite on your thighs you want to conceal. I strongly recommend everyone looking to do a Christmas boudoir session include at least one set of these in their outfits.


Teddy Christmas Boudoir Outfit Ideas

Teddies are a really great lingerie choice for boudoir sessions. That said, there are some teddies specifically made and marketed for Christmas boudoir that I strongly recommend you NOT get for your session.

Most teddies marketed for Christmas are very cheap and tacky looking. Instead I’d recommend shopping for traditional teddies and select Christmas colors to tie them into the them. 

If the teddy by itself doesn’t give off enough Christmas vibes, you can pair the outfit with props like a Santa hat, candy cane or Christmas lights to sell the idea. Remember that tasteful styling is about subtlety. Overt styling choices are typically NOT classy choices.


Babydoll Christmas Boudoir Outfit Ideas

Babydolls are similar to teddy lingerie for Christmas photos in that I strongly suggest you go with traditional styles over the ones marketed for Christmas. The Christmas babydolls tend to be very cheap looking and should generally be avoided for better photos. 

That said traditional babydolls can really enhance a lot of body types offering mild concealment of your tummy with sheer styles and maximum concealment with satin and other non see though materials. 

Babydolls are also a great way for women enhance their hips to waist ratio. This is because babydolls are often loose around the hips like a skirt which can exaggerate your hips as the material flairs out.


Robe Ideas for Christmas Boudoir Outfits

Christmas boudoir outfits
Red Velvet Robe with black lace detail from Etsy shop LingerieFairytale

Another often overlooked accessory for Christmas boudoir photos are robes. These garments (and any anything else with an open front) pair exquisitely with bra, panty and garter sets.

I like to pair busy lingerie sets (like bra, panty and garters, teddyies, etc.) with non see though robes. Conversely I suggest you pair with very risqué underwear with see though robes to class up the robe without overpowering it.

If you  decide to go with a sheer robe option, it’s generally more pleasing to match your underwear color with the sheer robe. For example, it would be most flattering to pair a black sheer lace robe with a black thong and bra. 

Best Places to Get Christmas Boudoir Outfits Online

Now that you you have a good idea of the best Christmas boudoir outfits to get for your upcoming session, you’re probably wondering where would be a good place to buy boudoir outfits online? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! Explore the above post and it should give you plenty of ideas of places to shop, no matter your budget.

As always if you have a question about anything you didn’t see covered in this post, let me know in the comments! If you have a friend that you think would appreciate this info, make sure and share it with them too!

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