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Best Cheap Corsets For Your Body Type

We all know that corsets can enhance the hour glass shape of a woman’s body. The thing about cheap corsets is that the maker usually gives you a cheap looking satin lace to chinch them in. Despite the sub par lace, the rest of the corset may be made with the same quality materials of higher end corsets. 

Thus, the trick to getting a good quality cheap corset is to choose a waist cincher that is made from decent materials and replace the lace with something like this if need be. By upgrading the lace that the manufacturer typically cheaps out on, you can then upgrade your boudoir corsets for a fraction of the price that higher quality pieces sell for.

This post will show you the best cheap corsets online that I recommend to my boudoir clients in preparation for their sessions. Just keep in mind that you may also need to buy and return a few corsets before you find the one that shapes your bust perfectly. If you can’t find one that supports your bust, look into underbust corsets and pair one with a bra style that best enhances your breasts.

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Where To Buy the Best Cheap Corsets Online

cheap corsets

One of the most common questions my budget conscious boudoir clients ask is where where to find cheap corsets. Although you might be able to find cheap corsets at a local thrift store, I usually find it best to buy cheap corsets online.

The following retailers all sell affordable corsets. You’ll want to be choosey when selecting cheap corsets from any of these retailers, because not all of them will be good quality. 

Part of the way to find good quality cheap corsets is to over buy corsets from companies with a good return policy. This way you can keep only the pieces that fit perfectly and return what doesn’t or end up being low quality. This may cost you more money up front, but will ultimately be cheaper once you settle out all your returns. 


Best Cheap Corsets For Plus Size Bodies

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Another common question I’m asked is do cheap corsets work for slimming plus size waist lines? The answer to this question is yes assuming you:

  • Choose the proper corset style for your body type
  • Upgrade the corset lace
  • Find corsets that are cut to flatter your bust

With regards to style, I find that long line corsets generally shape plus size bodies best. Long line corsets are generally longer than standard length corsets and cover more of the lower tummy and extend over the top part of the hip. This can conceal the lower tummy and love handle area if you have any body insecurities around these areas. 

You can also try on standard length corsets and underbust corsets, and try pairing them with high waist panties if you need extra concealment at the bottom of the corset. In any case, just make sure the lace is heavy duty so you can cinch the corset in tightly to enhance your hourglass shape.

Plus size women should consider corsets with balconette style bust support. This is because plus size women usually have a larger busts that smaller cup shapes won’t be able to contain. Smaller push up style cups for example will usually cause larger busted women to appear as if they’re spilling over the top of the corset. 

Alternatively if you’re having a hard time finding a corset that enhances your bust, choose a good underbust corset and pair it with a balconette or demi style bra that will flatter your bust. This combination will allow you to shape your bust and reduce your waist line independently for a perfect fit.


Cheap Steel Boned Corsets

cheap steel boned corsets

Something you’ll want to watch out for when looking for a cheap corsets is the type of boning the corset is made with. For example, most budget corsets will be made with plastic boning or no bonding at all in the case of bustier’s. Both of these options won’t be able to shape your body as well as steel boned corsets will.

For maximum shaping potential you’ll want to find corsets that are double steel boned. Regular steel boned corsets can be even better but it depends on how the boning is distributed around the torso. In most cases, cheap steel boned corsets with double boning will give you extra support and cinching power over single boning options.


Best Cheap Corsets

I hope you found this post helpful for finding the best cheap corsets for your intended purpose. Let me know your favorite cheap corset tops you’ve found in the comments below. I’d love to include your finds in this post if you’ve discovered something better than what I’ve included in this post! 

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