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Boudoir Shoot Outfits To Enhance Your Figure

As a boudoir photographer, one of the most common questions I’m asked by my clients is what boudoir shoot outfits they should get for their sessions. To make things easy I’ve indexed this page by garment style to help you find outfits that play up your strengths and diminish your insecurities.

By diminishing these insecurities and enhancing your best assets, you will not only feel more confident for your photo shoot, but your final images will turn out better as well.

I suggest you start with this post about the best lingerie for your body type if  you’re just learning to enhance your body with these garments. If you already know what you’re doing, the following are some of my favorite pieces I’ve found for each style. Hope you find this helpful!

  1. Bra & Panty Sets
  2. Babydolls
  3. Chemises
  4. Teddies
  5. Bodysuits
  6. Garters & Thigh High Stockings

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Bra & Panty Boudoir Shoot Outfits

Boudoir Shoot Outfits
One of my clients wearing demi bra and thong for her boudoir shoot outfit

Bra and panty sets are one of the classic boudoir outfits guys love! Bra and panty sets are perfect for those that don’t have insecurities about their tummy, butt or thighs. women who are nervous about imperfections in these areas should consider alternative options that offer better concealment like chemises, robes etc. 

For those that want to show off their tummy, butt and thighs, bra and panty sets are arguably one of the best choices to highlight your figure modestly. You can keep your outfit more conservative with hipster, boy short or bikini style bottoms. Alternatively you can make your images sexier by wearing more revealing bottoms like thongs. 

For tops you’ll want to choose a bra that enhances your specific body type most. For example, smaller busted women should stick with push up bras and bralettes as these styles will flatter smaller busts most. Women with larger breasts will see significant enhancements with demi or balconette style bras as these styles will shape and lift your breasts more elegantly than the former options. 


Babydoll Boudoir Shoot Outfits

babydoll boudoir shoot outfits
One of my clients wearing a chemise for her boudoir shoot outfit

Babydolls are another fantastic boudoir shoot outfit you should look into for your session. This lingerie style is basically a slip that flairs out at the hips as a skirt. Variations of this style also include flowy styles that are made up of bra tops that have skirts that attach to the bottom of the bra strap. 

For those with inverted triangle body types, the babydoll styles that hug the body and flair out at the hips will be magical for enhancing your proportions. Basically the flared out material at the hips will make them look wider than other lingerie styles that hugs your hips. This can greatly benefit the shilloutte of women that are bulkier up top and narrow hips.

Additionally the design of all babydolls can also offer concealment for women with tummy or other torso insecurities. This concealment can vary from very light (as is the case with the sheer mesh skirt styles) to non-see though as you’d see with skirts made from materials like satin, chiffon or silk. 


Chemise Boudoir Shoot Outfits

One of my clients wearing a chemise for her boudoir shoot outfit

For women with hourglass proportions, chemises can be a very flattering way to dress for your boudoir shoot. Cheminses are also sometimes referred to as slips.  Slips generally tend to be a little looser fitting around the torso. That said traditional style chemises are very loose as these were originally designed as women’s sleepwear.

Contemporary style chemises tend to be more form fitted than traditional style sleepwear. When selecting boudoir shoot outfits for your session I suggest you go with the more modern style chemises that are form fitted as they will be more flattering for your boudoir photos.

Chemises come in sheer see though styles if you want a sexy look for your boudoir photos. For women who are more conservative, you can wear minimalist panties under sheer chemise styles, or choose options with non see though materials. Non see though chemises are generally made out of satin, silk or chiffon, if you’d like to add those words into your searches.


Teddy Boudoir Shoot Outfits

one of my clients wearing a teddy for her boudoir shoot outfit

Teddies are lingerie that cover the bust torso and crotch in one garment. This lingerie is very closely related in style to one piece bathing suits except that they are obviously made from more delicate materials like lace, mesh and satin. 

For women who need bust support I suggest you choose teddies with built in bras so you can enhance your shape. If you find a non see though teddy without bust support, you can also give your breasts stealthy support with boob tape.


Bodysuit Boudoir Shoot Outfits

One of my clients wearing a bodysuit for her boudoir shoot outfit

Bodysuits are very similar to teddies in how they form fit to your torso. The big difference stylistically between these two options is that bodysuits generally cover your hips and butt whereas teddies generally have a bikini style cut at the bottom.

Noting this subtle difference, bodysuits are really great for women who not only need tummy and torso concealment but also those need to smooth out a little cellulite on their butt . Most bodysuits are made from stretchy materials so they work really well as light shapers for the tummy, butt and love handle area. That said this style lingerie still only has light shaping capabilities so don’t expect them to improve your shilloutte. 

Bodysuit’s super power lies in their ability lightly smooth out skin imperfections like stretch marks, cellulite loose skin and varicose veins. Women with large waist lines that would like to enhance their shape should instead consider boudoir shoot outfits like coresets.


Garter & Thigh High Stocking Boudoir Shoot Outfits

Boudoir Shoot Outfits
One of my clients pairing thigh high stockings with her teddy for her boudoir shoot outfit

Garters and thigh high stockings are a wonderful outfit accessory that work well on just about everyone. For those worried about cellulite or varicose veins on their legs, these will really help smooth those areas out for you.

Even if you don’t have insecurities around your legs, these can also just be a really good way of making your outfit more modest. Sometimes they’re even just nice to use to tie some color with the rest of your outfit. Additionally, thigh high stockings also offer the benefit of unique posing options as you adjust them on camera.

Some teddies, body suits, and chemises even have garter hooks built into them so you can attach your thigh highs directly to these garments. If your outfits don’t have attachments, another way to use attach thigh highs is to pair them with a garter belt. If you don’t have ant attachment straps to keep your thigh highs up, make sure and buy the stockings with the sticky material that keeps them up on your thighs. This way you won’t  be fighting to keep them up while you’re posing for your photos. 


Where To Buy Boudoir Shoot Outfits

Now that you have some good examples of boudoir shoot outfits to enhance your figure, you’re probably wondering where to buy boudoir outfits for your upcoming photo shoot. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! Explore the post linked above for a list of lingerie retailers that accommodates all budgets and body types

Now that you know some of my current favorite boudoir outfits, what are some of yours that you’ve found in your searches? Share your favorite finds in the comments below, I’d love to see them!

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