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Outdoor Boudoir Outfit Ideas For 2023

Looking for outdoor boudoir outfit ideas for your upcoming shoot? You’ve come to the right place! This post will help you style and pick outfits for your outdoor session so you get the best photos possible.

Styling your outfits for an outdoor setting isn’t hard, but you’ll need to keep in mind the earth tone background colors of the location you’re planning on being photographed at. If you’re unsure how to color coordinate your outfits with the background of your location, I suggest you start with this article about how to color coordinate your outfits. This will help you choose better color outfits to either match, or stand out from the background according to your goals.

With that said the following are some outdoor boudoir outfit ideas I’ve curated to help you style your session better.

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Outdoor Boudoir Sweater & Cover Up Ideas

Outdoor boudoir outfit ideas
earth tone crop top sweatshirt with black bottom pop balances out her hair nicely

Sweaters are really great for outdoor boudoir sessions especially if there’s any chance you might be cold on the day of your photo shoot. Even on warmer days, you can make an otherwise revealing top more modest with a loose knit cover up. 

For non see though options, crop top sweaters can be an excellent idea so you can show your full piece of lingerie that you’ll wear on the bottom. It also allows you to show more skin on your tummy if you have a nice mid section you’d like to show off! For those worried about their lower tummy, consider high waist panties with a crop top sweater for great results. 

Wide neck sweaters should also be considered if you have a nice bust you’d like to showcase. Wide neck swearers also offer unique posing opportunities as you adjust the neck line while being photographed.


Outdoor Boudoir Robe Ideas

Victoria's secret nightgown shilloutte at sunset

Robes are exquisite for outdoor boudoir sessions. There’s a few different options you’ll come across in your searches. Some people like to go with the sheer lace robes, which can look great just about anywhere. Others choose to get more stylized options that really pair or pop with the background. 

If you go with the sheer mesh or lace options It’s either best to be photographed either with minimalist underwear or none at all. Larger underwear under busier sheer lace robes get’s very distracting and generally doesn’t look good. 

If you go with a non see though robe, that’s when I suggest that you can go with lingerie that offers more concealment, like teddies, a one piece bathing suit, etc.


Outdoor Boudoir Scarves & Shawl Ideas

Scarves can be an excellent accent to another outfit or used as something you pose with on it’s own. With a little creativity you can also use them to diy an outfit with whatever fabrics you  want. Binder clips and clothes pins both work really well for quick makeshift outfits that will look pretty good, but feel to take things to another level before your photo shoot for endless possibilities.  

Whatever scarf you choose, just make sure the color or print will pair well with the environment where you’ll be photographed and the rest of your outfit. Adobe.color is a great place to play with different color combinations if you want to visualize your color scheme.

Outdoor Boudoir Teddy, Bodysuit and One Piece Bathing Suit Ideas

Outdoor boudoir outfit ideas
one of my clients posing with teddy lingerie for her beach boudoir session

The right teddy won’t feel out of place in an outdoor setting because it’s basically the lingerie equivalent of the one piece bathing suit. That said, overly delicate or intricate lingerie can feel very out of place outdoors. Consider the material and style carefully if you decide to try and pair lingerie with outdoor environments.

If you plan to have your photos taken around water, also consider a one piece bathing suits instead of lingerie. If you plan to have your photos taken in a forest or out in a field, the right teddy would offer great tummy concealment and bust support for those that need it.


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I hope this post gave you some outdoor boudoir outfit ideas for your upcoming photoshoot. If nothing else I hope this helped get your creative juices flowing so you at least have some ideas you can work towards. 

Let me know some of your favorite outdoor boudoir outfits you’ve found so far in the comments. I’m always on the lookout for new and interesting style ideas to pass along to my clients! 

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