headshot portrait of an attractive woman with golden hair

Garage Photoshoot: A Surprisingly Great Location For Portraits

It’s a common misconception that you need to have access to a professional photo studio in order to create great portraits. In this post, we’ll highlight a garage photoshoot with one of my clients as an example of the results we can achieve by creating makeshift studio from scratch in your home!

Picture of woman lifting weights to lose weight and recompose her body for her wedding

Losing Weight For Wedding VS Body Recomposition

Losing weight for your wedding doesn’t mean you should starve yourself to reach your goals. Find out how to recomposition your body with a plan that prioritizes healthy fat loss while building lean body mass.

studio portraits bay area sonoma, California

Studio Portraits On Location | Bay Area | Sonoma, CA

I create studio-quality portraits at your location. Studio portraits can be photographed on white, black or muslin backgrounds. Additionally, I’ll also arrange for a hair and makeup artist to join us at your location to enhance your features before your photo shoot!

wedding day timeline templates

Editable Wedding Day Timeline Templates

Three different wedding day timeline templates you can download and customize to your liking. The first is for a truncated 10 hr wedding, the second is for a full coverage 12 hr wedding day and the third is an elopement timeline. Once your schedule is customized the way you want it, you can then easily share it with other vendors, family and your bridal party to keep everyone on the same page!

luster vs matte vs metal print comparison

Luster vs Matte vs Metal Prints: The Pros and Cons of Each Option

When comparing luster vs matte vs metal prints, every option has its advantages and disadvantages for displaying your final artwork. To help you decide, I created a comparison table so you can easily compare the pros and cons of each option. Below the table, I will include photo examples and also cover every aspect of these prints in further detail so you can choose the best option for your unique circumstance.

How tolight pictures on the wall

How to Light Pictures on the Wall

Even if you have a beautiful portrait hanging on your wall, the photo will never look great unless you light the photo like an art gallery would.

In this post I’m going to share some general tips for lighting pictures on your wall. I’m also going to share two lights I personally use for illuminating wall art in my own home.

Candid Wedding Photographer Sonoma & Napa California

Candid Wedding Photographer | Sonoma, Ca

A good candid wedding photographer will capture authentic emotion and tell a story with the images they capture. This post explains when a candid/documentary approach is best, and when other methods will yield superior results.

Portrait Photo Shoot Overview

Portrait Photo Shoot Overview

If you love my portfolio and want pictures like I show, this post will provide an overview of my process. My goal is to give you total clarity so you know exactly what to expect, when you book your photo shoot with me!

Every photo shoot with me consists of four main segments: Planning your photo shoot, booking your date, the photo shoot, and your photo reveal.