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Boudoir Poses Guide

boudoir poses pdf

In this boudoir poses guide I’ll show you how to precisely direct the nude female form in a way that tastefully flatters her body type and creates authentic emotion.

This guide is intended for photographers of all skill levels and experience and will show you how to harmonize any woman’s proportions to make her look stunning.

This posing guide begins by first teaching you the foundational principals of directing the female form. Once you understand these first principals, the guide will then show you how how think about correcting regions of her body so you can accentuate the curves any woman in an improvised fashion.

This is important because rather than give you a bunch generic posing cards that may or may not work for the woman in front of you, this guide will instead teach you how to enhance the body of any woman.

As a professional boudoir photographer, this is the posing guide I wish I had when I first started photographing women. In short, training yourself how to pose any woman is the most potent skill you can acquire as a boudoir photographer. Once you know how to do this, you will be able to create world class boudoir photos with just your camera and nothing else. 

What's Included In The Free Sample

What You'll Learn

What You'll Learn

Having the capability to surgically guide any woman toward poses that enhance her natural curves is the most powerful skill you can develop as a  boudoir photographer. Be that as it may, most beginner photographers struggle with posing women because they can’t briefly describe what make a great boudoir photo. Teaching you these foundational  principals is the keystone for learning how  to capture better boudoir photos. In this guide you’ll learn: 

  • The  foundational principals of a good boudoir photo
  • How to balance her proportions
  • The classical rules of posing her 8 major movement points
  • How to guide her towards alluring expressions
  • Exact posing cues (with do’s and don’ts)
  • Surrogate methods for directing women
  • Advanced tactics I use to conceal her insecurities

This Boudoir Poses Guide Is For You If...

You find it difficult to confidently direct women to make them look alluring.

You don't know how to provoke authentic looking expressions that are both sensuous and tempting.

You struggle to pose women who are self conscious about features of their body.

Understand The Fundamentals of Directing Women with this Boudoir Poses Guide

boudoir poses pdf

If you want to have the confidence to surgically guide any woman towards poses that compliment her figure this boudoir poses pdf is for you! 

Becoming a proficient poser will not only give you the ability to enhance her body for photos, it will also allow you to earn her trust even if she’s sensitive about regions of her body.

This 41 page guide is intended for photographers of all skill levels and will show you how to enhance the proportions of any woman in front of your camera. By first understanding the fundamentals of posing, this guide won’t just give you a bunch of poses to copy, instead it will teach you how to enhance each individual from a first principals perspective.

If you’re ready to upgrade your posing skills, come learn my best tips I’ve developed after thousands of hours experience photographing hundreds of women.

Jason Guy

I am a portrait photographer based out of Sonoma, California. I create portraits for people of all ages with the goal of making images that are timeless. Portraits you will look back on decades from now, and still love them just as much then as you do today. While flattering lighting and pose are important, capturing how others see you is what I ultimately strive for.

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