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Losing Weight For Wedding VS Body Recomposition

Wedding planning is stressful. Between the organizing, decorating, and budgeting, there are so many decisions to make! One of the more difficult decisions for some women who have been trying to lose weight can be figuring out how to do it effectively and in a healthy way to reach their wedding day goals. 

Some women want to look as slim as possible for their wedding photos with hopes that it will help them feel better about themselves in an already nerve-wracking time. That said, if you want to look and feel your best on your wedding day, it’s critical to focus on more than just the number on the scale. While losing weight might be a good goal for some, body recomposition might be a better and healthier choice for most.

The question of which plan to implement can be difficult, as the answer will vary depending on your current body fat percentage and your goal of how you want to look. In this article, we’ll go through how to choose the right plan for you and offer practical suggestions to help you look your best on your wedding day!

The Difference Between Losing Weight For Your Wedding And Body Recomposition

The difference between weight loss and body recomposition is subtle but important. With both plans you will lose fat. With weight loss, you will lose fat and muscle. With body recomposition, you will burn fat and build muscle while maintaining your weight.

This is the reason why women with a healthy percentage of body fat should choose to focus on body recomposition instead of weight loss.

With both plans, you’ll need to follow a smart training program and do your best in the kitchen. Both plans will take hard work, but this post will help you achieve your goals in the most efficient way possible by focusing on what works.

When To Lose Weight And When To Focus On Body Recomposition

Woman Losing Weight For Wedding by doing heavy deadlifts

A healthy body fat percentage for women is between 15%-25% body fat. If you are over this percentage you should consider a weight loss plan first and then recompose your body once you’re close to, or within the healthy range.

If you’re already within range, you should focus on body recomposition to look better in your wedding dress. This is the healthy way to go about looking better on your wedding day.

Achieving your fitness goals can be difficult since they require changing your habits. To help make this as easy as possible for you let’s first focus on a game plan to get you where you want to be!

How To Measure Your Body Fat Percentage

To determine if you should start a body recomposition plan or begin with weight loss, you’ll first need to assess where you are with one of the following tools.

Body Fat Scale

If you have a body fat scale, then this will give you an idea how much of your weight is coming from lean mass and how much comes from your current level of body fat. This is much more helpful than just your overall weight.

Body Fat Calipers

Measuring yourself with body fat calipers will provide you with a more accurate measurement than simply using a body fat scale, but they are a little harder to use. These can also be used in conjunction with a scale if you desire a blend of convenience and accuracy.

Hydrostatic Weighing (dunk tank)

This test provides the most accuracy but is also the most expensive and requires making an appointment at a lab for testing. This test is considered the gold standard and is how competitors at the highest levels of bodybuilding assess their body composition.

The Healthy Diet Plan For Burning Belly Fat Before Your Wedding

Now that you know how to measure your body fat percentage, let’s talk about how to adjust it! If you want to lose weight before your wedding, I recommend taking a straightforward approach using following these steps:

  • Burn slightly more calories than you take in.
  • Focus on your macros (carbs, fat, and protein).
  • Reduce your intake of processed meals, refined sugars, and fast carbs (such as chips) and replace them them with whole foods, healthy fats, and lean complete proteins.
Picture of a womans tummy as she Losing Weight For Wedding

It’s important when restricting calories to do this slowly over time, not by crash dieting and starving yourself. If you do this slowly, you will feel satiated, and not hungry.

Eating a healthy diet is important to melt belly fat safely. This macro calculator will help you determine the correct servings in each category to help you reach your goals for both weight loss and body recomposition.

How To Achieve Your Wedding Day Goals With Body Recomposition

When it comes to nutrition, getting enough protein will be important since increasing lean mass is one of your objectives. Make sure you are getting between .6 and .9 grams of protein per pound of body depending on your activity level.

Additionally post-workout nutrition is critical in order for muscles to recover and grow. Consuming an NSF approved whey protein isolate within an hour of exercise will help with recovery and rebuilding muscle tissue so you can maximize your effort.

Include 3 hours of resistance training workouts that are difficult in the 8-12 rep range, such as weight lifting or body weight exercises.

Fit young female athlete lifting heavy weights and Losing Weight For Wedding

To get the most out of your lifestyle change, it’s important to find a workout that you enjoy and can do consistently. If you’re short on time, heavy resistance training is scientifically proven to increase metabolism and burn more fat over time than cardio only work outs like running.

Finally, the intensity of your workouts is important for how much muscle you will gain and how many calories you burn throughout the day. Ideally, heavy resistance training (of at least 70% of maximum effort) is combined with interval style cardio for the most effective exercise plan for body recomposition.

Get enough sleep to allow your body to recover and grow.

To maximize your hard work, getting enough sleep is the key to capitalizing on your gains. While exercising, it’s important to get at least eight hours of quality sleep in order to allow proper recuperation and growth from your training.

Now that you know how to loose weight before  your wedding, it’s important to note that reaching your goals will take time. Once you understand what to do though, it will make the process easier and more enjoyable since you won’t be guessing if you’re doing the right thing or not. Following the steps above will help you achieve your goal of looking better in your wedding dress with the least amount of effort.

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