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Pelican Case Organizer for Camera Gear: TrekPak Review

Upon first installing the TrekPak divider system into my camera cases, I was struck by its sleek appearance, a stark contrast to the cumbersome padded velcro dividers I’d begrudgingly become accustomed to. From the moment I integrated the TrekPak divider system as my new Pelican Case Organizer For Camera Gear, its sleek design immediately caught my eye — a refreshing change from the cumbersome padded velcro dividers of the past.

However, It was immediately apparent that this system was not just about visual appeal; it was a game-changer for space efficiency. As a professional photographer who shoots exclusively on location, the ability to customize my Pelican case exactly as I wanted in a way that not only saves space but also looks super professional to my clients made this more than worth the investment. 

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Pelican case organizer for camera gear

Why TrekPak is the Ultimate Organizer for Your Pelican Camera Case

The genius of TrekPak doesn’t stop at its customizable nature. The system offers protection equivalent to or surpassing the classic padded velcro dividers, a critical factor for professionals who shoot on location or travel frequently. The ingenuity of its design is in its simplicity: waterproof, closed-cell foam that’s adhered to rigid, corrugated plastic panels. These materials are lightweight yet resilient, nearly impossible to tear or shred.


Moreover, TrekPak puts the inadequacies of pick and pluck foam to shame. Its pin and pull tab design are miles ahead in terms of reconfigurability. You’re not stuck with the holes you’ve plucked; instead, you can reorganize your gear layout as needed. And the panels? They’re a mere 7/16” (1.1 cm) thick, providing uncompromised protection without unnecessary bulk.

pelican case organizer for camera gear
Pelican case organizer for camera gear

The Cost Factor: Investment or Extravagance?

Here lies the crux of the matter for many: the expense. TrekPak is undeniably a pricier option than pick and pluck and the padded velcro options, leading some to ponder over DIY alternatives. After exploring this option myself, and finding a DIY guide, It didn’t take long to realize that the potential cost-saving wasn’t worth the trade-off in time. In my opinion, the turn key Trekpak kit was worth the cost. If you’re on a budget though it looks easy enough to make if you want to spend the time sourcing the materials and putting it together.

 Can TrekPak Be Installed in Any Case?

Another great thing about TrekPak system is its versatility. It isn’t limited to one style of case, but is adaptable across a range of Pelican cases. This flexibility is crucial for professionals like myself who use different cases for various equipment. I currently have two kits on the Pelican 1510 and 1600. 

Pelican Protector Cases

The Pelican Protector series excels in providing rugged, waterproof, and dustproof protection, ideal for the most demanding conditions and harsh environments.

Check Price: 
Pelican 1510 Protector Case
Protector Cases
Model NumberInternal DimensionsBaggage Type
1510 Protector19.75" x 11.00" x 7.60"Carry-On
1550 Protector18.43" x 14.00" x 7.62"Check-In
1560 Protector20.37" x 15.43" x 9.00"Check-In
1600 Protector21.43" x 16.50" x 7.87"Check-In
1610 Protector21.78" x 16.69" x 10.62"Check-In
1650 Protector28.57" x 17.52" x 10.65"Check-In

Pelican Storm Cases

The Pelican Storm series stands out for its unique press and pull latches that are secure yet easy to open, along with its lightweight construction for easy transport.

Check Price:
pelican storm case
Storm Cases
Model NumberInternal DimensionsBaggage Type
IM2500 Storm Carry-On20.5" x 11.5" x 7.2"Carry-On
IM2275 Storm14.12" x 13.19" x 9.90"Check-In
IM2620 Storm Travel20" x 14" x 10"Check-In
IM2720 Storm Travel22" x 17" x 10"Check-In
IM2950 Storm Travel29" x 18" x 10.5"Check-In

Pelican Air Cases

The Pelican Air series shines by offering up to 40% weight reduction without compromising durability, perfect for travelers who need robust protection without excess weight.

Check Price:
pelican storm case
Air Cases
Model NumberInternal DimensionsBaggage Type
1485 Air17.75" x 10.18" x 6.15"Carry-On
1525 Air20.5" x 11.31" x 6.75"Check-In
1535 Air Carry-On20.39" x 11.20" x 7.21"Carry-On
1555 Air23.00" x 12.75" x 6.50"Check-In
1557 Air23.43" x 13.00" x 8.18"Check-In
1605 Air26" x 14" x 8"Check-In
1615 Air29.59" x 15.50" x 9.38"Check-In
pelican case organizer for camera gear

User Experience: The Practicalities

Using TrekPak first-hand, I appreciated the practical aspects it offered. The initial setup was straightforward, and the reconfiguration process is a breeze with the pin pull tabs. No more Awkward looking velcro or the frustration of having to buy new pick and pluck foam because you changed camera bodies or lenses. The pin system is elegant, quick, and, above all, secure. My gear stayed put, even during air travel.

Moreover, the durability of the dividers cannot be overstated. The rigid panels in my cases have maintained their shape for the last 3 years since I’ve installed them, unlike traditional foam, which can warp, disintegrate or compress over time.

Final Thoughts: Is The TrekPak Camera Gear Organizer Worth It?

TrekPak is far and away the best gear organization and protection system I’ve yet discovered for my pelican cases. Its customizable nature, robust construction, and efficient design make it a standout choice I don’t regret. While the price may be a hurdle for some, my dividers look exactly as they did the day I bought them after three years of daily use. Would I buy it again? Absolutely! Not only is it durable and space efficient, I’ve also had clients and other photographers comment on them during jobs because they look that good.

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