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San Francisco Bay Area

My name is Jason Guy and I am a portrait photographer serving the San Francisco bay area. My goal with every client is to create beautiful portraits that are ageless. Portraits you will look back on decades from now, and still love them just as much then as you do today. While flattering lighting and pose are important, capturing what others see in you is my ultimate goal.

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Portrait Styles

There are three main portrait styles you can choose for your portrait session, studio style, environmental or full sun. Regardless of which you prefer, all options are photographed on location (I come to you) and you must choose which style you’d prefer when you book your session.

Environmental Portraits

Environmental portraits are when the photo shoot location is the background in your photos. These portraits can either be captured outdoors or indoors.

Outdoor Portraits

Although not required, outdoor environmental portraits will generally have significantly better ambient lighting opportunities when timed within an hour after sunrise or an hour before sunset. These periods around sunrise and sunset are called “golden hour” and is when the sun is lowest on the horizon. During golden hour the color temperature also changes from daylight blue at mid day to be considerably warmer the closer the sun is to the horizon. Both the angle of the sun and the color temperature combine make for the best lighting of the day.

Indoor Portraits

Indoor locations should be chosen thoughtfully so that the decor at the location is in alignment with what you’d like to see in the background of your photos. Occasionally the decor of the space is irrelevant in the case of simple window light portraits. If you’re unsure weather the location you’re thinking of will be adequate or not for your intended portraits, we can discuss specifics at your initial consultation.

Studio Style Portraits

Studio portrait of a woman in a black dress on black background

Studio style portraits are photographed on white, black or muslin backgrounds. Note that this option may have an additional booking fee due to the extra set up and break down time that this look requires. For studio style portraits, we will need a studio rental or a space you provide that has at least 12′ (W) x 14′ (L) x 8′(H) of unobstructed working space.

As an example, most garages, warehouse spaces and spare bedrooms will work perfectly to create your studio style portraits. Just make sure the space you’re thinking about meets the space requirements mentioned above and that the space doesn’t have any loud colored walls close by as this can cause color contamination in your final portraits.

Additionally, having the ability to completely control the ambient lighting in the room is also a good thing to think about, although not necessary in some instances.  

If you have any questions about weather your space will be adequate or not for the studio style portraits you have in mind, you can contact me here and I’d be happy to discuss details with you.

Studio portrait of a woman in a black dress on black background

Full Sun Portraits

Full sun B&W portrait of a blond woman on a white background

Generally reserved for models, I also offer full sun, high fashion portraits inspired by Herb Ritts. These sessions are photographed on white or black backgrounds and use full sun as the main light source.

Full sun is a light source that chisels features unlike any other, however offers zero forgiveness for me as the photographer or you as the subject. These sessions aren’t for the faint of heart as they require very precise posing and looking in the direction of the sun. Moving your head an inch in any direction can literally break a shot due to how hard the shadows are from unfiltered sun.

The final results are worth the added challenge though! The high contrast nature of unfiltered sun makes these photos look particularly striking when processed as black & white portraits.

Full sun portraits obviously need to be planned on a day where there is no clouds. It’s also a good idea to try and capture them on a milder day so you don’t sweat your makeup off too quickly.

Every Portrait Photo Shoot With Me Has 3 Main Events

  1. Initial Consultation
  2. Photo Shoot
  3. Image Reveal

Initial Consultation

This consultation happens via zoom and is when we will discuss which images from my portfolio resonate with you most. Knowing which of my images you love most will help me determine how I can best help you with your intended session. The initial consultation is a critical step for planing your session thoughtfully so I can get you the best portraits possible.

If you want any prints to hang on the wall or an album, this would be a great time to talk about those options as well. Discussing how you intend to view your final images is important at this consultation because your session will be photographed differently depending on what you want.

If you want to schedule a call just to ask questions, that’s totally cool too. There’s absolutely no pressure to book a session at this stage if you’re not ready.

Portrait Photo Shoot

Your portrait photo shoot will typically happen on a date we agree upon at your initial consultation. Portrait sessions with me include hair and makeup services and outdoor sessions are usually timed around sunrise/sunset. Photo shoots with me are typically an all day event with hair and makeup requiring roughly 2 hrs and your photo shoot being about 4-5 hrs.

If you’re worried you’re going to look awkward or weird in your final photos, worry not. I will show you how to pose your body give authentic expression. Every photo on this page is directed, lit and hand retouched by me.

Image Reveal

This is when you will see your images for the very first time and when you will purchase only the images you absolutely love from your photo shoot. Your image reveal is typically scheduled about 3 weeks after your photo shoot to give me enough time to sort and edit your final collection of images.

You can pay for your session A La Carte at your image reveal or prepay for your session at your initial consultation for a discount. If you’d like to learn more about how much a photo shoot with me will cost, you can view my price menu here.

San Francisco Bay Area Portrait Photographer Jason Guy

Headshot of portrait photographer Jason Guy on black background

My name is Jason Guy and I am a portrait photographer located in the San Francisco bay area.

Whether it’s immortalizing moments for couples or families or helping a woman change the way she see’s herself through portraiture, I am committed to excellence in whatever I do.

I don’t want to take a photograph of simply what you look like, I want to capture who you are as a person. While flattering lighting and pose are important, capturing what others see in you is what I ultimately strive for.

If the photos here in my portfolio resonate with you, I invite you to reach out so we can discuss your intended session.

Can’t wait to get you in front of my camera!

-Jason Guy