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San Francisco Bay Area Portrait Photographer Jason Guy

Rated as one of the best portrait photographers in the San Francisco Bay area, Jason Guy specializes in creating classical portraits for everyone. All portrait sessions with Jason Guy take place on location anywhere in the San Francisco Bay area and beyond.

Your home, a country setting, somewhere downtown, or even privately acquired locations are all excellent location choices for your portrait photo shoot. A session with Jason Guy is accommodated at no additional charge anywhere within 1hr of Sonoma, California.

Traditional Portraits \ Classic Portraits

Jason’s photographic style is deeply entrenched in traditional lighting and cinematic light patters. Jason believes that by continuing to use techniques of the old masters, the images from your session will be just as relevant decades from now as they are today. It’s very important to Jason that the photo’s he creates of you won’t look as dated as 80’s glamour portraits do today. 

In addition to traditional light patters Jason believes strongly in the power of posing and has hundreds of hours experience photographing nude subjects. His knowledge of how light falls across the body coupled with his theories on what angles will flatter your unique body type most, influences Jason’s posing direction for your photo shoot. 

Traditional portraits are classically beautiful and have a track record going back hundreds of years in in the form of classical paintings. These traditional techniques as so well established we still see them applied in major film productions to this day. 

Creative Portraits San Francisco Bay Area

Every portrait you’ll find on this website is posed, lit and directed by Jason Guy. Much of his inspiration for his creative portrait sessions come from reading the location on the day of your photo shoot, posing you into existing light and creating his own if necessary. Jason analyzes the environment and the available light and then pairs that with posing that will flatter your specific body type to create images like the ones you see on this page.   

Headshot Photographer San Francisco Bay Area

Headshots are often the first impression a client will have with you when they interact with you online. Jason Guy produces high quality headshots your clients immediately associate with your premium quality brand. Whether you need a real estate headshot, headshot for linkedin, actor headshot, headshot for model zed card, or professional headshots for any other reason, Jason can provide this service for you.