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The Ultimate Guide For Gothic Boudoir Outfits

One of the most common questions I’m asked by my clients looking for gothic boudoir outfits is what lingerie they should get for their photo shoot. To make things easy, I’ve indexed this page by outfit type to help give you ideas for your upcoming photo shoot!

The best way to approach this is to first identify your body insecurities (if any), and also pinpoint areas of your body you’d like to highlight. Once you know these two things you can then diminish your insecurities while simultaneously enhancing your best assets!

By identifying your best features and enhancing them, you will not only be able to select outfits that make you feel more confident for your photo shoot, but your final images will also turn out better as a result. The following are some gothic boudoir outfits ideas you can check out for your upcoming photo shoot:

  1. Gothic Bra
  2. Gothic Corset
  3. Gothic Dress
  4. Gothic Nightgown
  5. Gothic Boudoir Outfit Ideas

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Gothic Bra Boudoir Outfits Ideas

gothic boudoir outfits
One of my clients wearing a gothic style bra and panty set

When looking for a gothic bra, it’s important to first understand that different bodies will need different style bras to best enhance your bust.

For instance, women with a smaller bust will benefit most from pushup bras and bralettes. On the other hand, women with larger breasts who need bust support will improve most from options like demi bras (also called half cup bras) and balconette bras.

For women who don’t need bust enhancement but would still like some sort of a bra for modesty (or to tie an outfit together) consider a demi bra. Demi bras are a good general shaper that provide a lot of concealment if you don’t want to appear nude in your photos.

For those looking for something more sexy, open cup bras (also called cupless bras, quarter cup bras, and shelf bras) are a great way to show off your breasts. For best results, only consider shelf bras if you don’t need bust support as these options don’t provide much (if any).

Gothic Bras are great outfits for: Providing bust support, general shaping and enhancement of your breasts, and tying together other parts of your outfits stylistically. 

Gothic Corset Boudoir Outfits Ideas

gothic boudoir outfits
One of my clients wearing a gothic style corset, garter and stockings

Corsets are best known for their ability to emphasize your feminine figure by reducing the waist and thereby exaggerating the size of your bust and hips. Corsets are easy to find in gothic styles and are available in many different configurations.

The main corset styles you should consider include: overbust corsets, underbust corsets and waist cinchers. The most common lengths of these styles include: waspie (short), standard and longline (long) lengths. The length you choose will depend on the length of your torso.

As mentioned above in the bra section, I like balconette and demi cup corsets for women with larger breasts. Women with petite busts can benefit from high back corsets and other creative styles that embellish the shape of your upper body.

Gothic corsets are great outfits for: Diminishing your tummy  and torso insecurities, enhancing the shilloutte of your body, and providing shaping and support for your waist and bust.


Gothic Dress Boudoir Outfits Ideas

gothic boudoir outfits
One of my clients wearing a gothic style chemise and thong

Gothic Dresses make for a great first outfit for your boudoir session. Generally speaking these dresses are more conservative, which helps most women get comfortable posing in front of the camera without the added stress of a revealing outfit.

Once you start to get comfortable in front of the camera and get used to taking my posing direction, we can then work out of your dress to reveal your sexy gothic lingerie under your dress!

Keep in mind that you can also make your own unique gothic dress by combining the right corset, bra, skirt and thigh high pieces separately on your own.

Gothic dresses are great outfits for: The first outfit for your boudoir session, diminishing tummy, torso and butt insecurities, enhancing and shaping your bust, improving the shape of your bust, and slimming the shilloutte of your body.


Gothic Nightgown Boudoir Outfit Ideas

One of my clients wearing a gothic style sheer lace gothic nightgown

Gothic nightgowns are different from dresses in that they are more like lingerie then a dress you’d wear out. In other words, gothic nightgowns are dresses that show more skin. This makes these pieces perfect for boudoir sessions.

Additionally, nightgowns can offer a lot of concealment if you have insecurities around your tummy, torso, thighs and even upper arms (with sleeve options).

Alternatively, see though nightgowns can enhance your nude form for those that want a sexier look. Sheer styled nightgowns will compliment your gothic aesthetic perfectly when paired with dark makeup, dramatic lighting, and great posing.

Gothic nightgowns are great for: All women


Gothic Boudoir Outfit Ideas

Thigh high stocking and garter set as boudoir lingerie ideas
One of my clients wearing a gothic style bra & panty paired with garter and thigh high lace stockings

One of the hallmarks of gothic styling is mixing and matching different pieces to create your own unique outfit. An obvious pairing that would work well with any body type would be to combine your favorite corset, sheer skirt, and stockings together.

This mix and match technique literally offers endless opportunities and is perfect if you like to DIY approach to your outfits. This strategy is also good for creating multiple outfits from the same pieces. For example, you could buy a really nice custom made corset, and pair it with different sheer tulle skirts from amazon for multiple looks.

Mix and matching around custom or premium pieces will not only increase the quality of your final photos, it can offer an endless amount of opportunity to create different looks.

Collection Examples

What Are Gothic Boudoir Outfits?

Gothic boudoir outfits are known for being, dark, arcane, old fashioned pieces often borrowing influence from the Victorian and Elizabethan fashion eras.

Try and remember this definition when shopping for your boudoir session. There is a fine line between gothic, heavy metal and emo styles that you should consider when styling your lingerie collection.

If you don’t care about being a purist, feel free to express yourself by blending fashions however you’d like. Goth punk in the right hands could be peanut butter and jelly great.

Did I Miss Anything???

I want to make this the best resource I can for everyone looking for gothic boudoir outfits for their upcoming photo shoot. If you need boudoir outfit ideas for plus size women, you can check out this post to learn how to enhance your best assets and diminish your insecurities.

If you found some outfits you really like that weren’t mentioned in this post, I’d appreciate it if you shared your gothic lingerie ideas in the comments below. I will add your best suggestions to this post in an attempt to help everyone planning their boudoir session with a gothic theme!

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