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27 Boudoir Outfit Ideas for Plus Size Bodies

As a boudoir photographer I’m often asked for advice regarding boudoir outfit ideas for plus size body types. There are absolutely some styles that will help enhance the features of larger ladies better than other choices. 

By diminishing the tummy area and enhancing your shape with a corset for instance, you will not only feel more confident for your boudoir session, but your photos will also turn out better as well.

To take all the guess work out of lingerie shopping for you, I’ve indexed this page by the best lingerie styles for plus size body types along with examples you can check out if you’d like.

My goal with this post is to give you some curvy boudoir outfit ideas that will enhance your body type and downplay your insecurities. The following are my current favorite pieces I recommend to my clients

  1. Corset
  2. Chemise / Babydoll
  3. Teddies / Bodysuits
  4. High Waist Panties & Garters
  5. Stocking / Thigh High Socks
  6. Sheer Mesh Skirts
  7. Sheer Robes and Gowns
  8. Creative Plus Size Boudoir Outfits

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Corset Boudoir Outfit Ideas for Plus Size Women

boudoir outfit ideas for plus size
One of my plus size clients wearing standard corset

Corsets are the most slimming boudoir outfits you can buy. This is because corsets exaggerate the bust and hips by reducing the size of the waist which is a common concern for plus size ladies.

Corsets come in many different styles and lengths. That said, the main corset fashions you should consider include: overbust corsets, underbust corsets and waist cinchers. The most common lengths of these styles include: waspie (short), standard and longline (long) lengths.

For the most flattering photos, I recommend having a corset made specifically for your body. This will enhance your shilloutte to the fullest extent possible for your boudoir photos.

To determine the best length for your body, you’ll need to measure from the bottom of your breast to your hip in a seated position. Women who measure 8-11 inches should get a standard length corset. Women with shorter torsos should get a waspie and women with longer measurements should consider a longline style.

Corsets are great for: All Plus Size Women

Chemise & Babydoll Boudoir Outfit Ideas for Plus Size Women

boudoir outfit ideas for plus size
One of my plus size clients wearing babydoll lingerie

Traditionally speaking chemise lingerie refers to loose-fitting, sleeveless sleep wear which is unfitted at the waist. That said, modern chemises can be found with sexier cuts that are tighter at the waist and hips.

A chemise is similar to a babydoll, with the key difference being that babydoll’s are looser around the hips and sometimes flair out into a skirt.

For plus size women you should resist the urge to hide in traditional loose chemises in favor pieces that fit snugly below your bust. This is because loose fitting garments will make your shilloutte appear larger which is not ideal.

If you don’t like the way form fitted chemises shape your body, consider experimenting with babydolls to make your hips appear larger in relation to your waist.

In short, chemise and babydoll lingerie are great for drawing attention away from the tummy and lightly shaping your body. Additionally, these pieces can also provide plus size women with great bust support if you choose the right pieces.

Chemise and babydoll lingerie styles are a great choice for: Plus size women who want tummy concealment, women who need bust support, and light shaping of the shilloutte.

Teddy / Bodysuit Boudoir Outfit Ideas for Plus Size Women

boudoir outfit ideas for plus size
One of my plus size clients wearing teddy lingerie with garter and stockings

Teddy / Bodysuit Boudoir Outfit Ideas for Plus Size Women

A teddy (also called a bodysuit) is lingerie style which covers the bust, torso and crotch all in one garment like a one piece bathing suit. Teddies are a good choice for plus size women because they conceal the tummy and also offer support for the bust.

In addition to concealment and support, some teddies are also available with built in garter straps so you can connect them to thigh high stockings. This is a great option if you have cellulite or varicose veins you need to cover up.

A close cousin to the teddy is the bodysuit. The big difference between a teddy and a body suit is that instead of a bikini style bottom, bodysuits tend to fit over the hips. This makes body suits a superior option when compared to teddies if you want to hide cellulite on your butt.

Teddies and bodysuits are great for: Women who need tummy and butt concealment, light smoothing of the torso, and plus size women who need bust support.

High Waist Panties & Garter Boudoir Outfit Ideas for Plus Size Women

boudoir outfit ideas for plus size bodies
One of my plus size clients wearing high waist

The lower tummy is the most common area plus size women are self conscious about. A great way to enhance this area is with any lingerie that has a high waist profile. This can include things like: high waist panties, garter belts and skirts.

The great thing about high waist lingerie is that these styles still show off the upper tummy while smoothing out the lower. This gives you a ton of concealment where you need it, while simultaneously still showing off a lot of skin.

High waisted lingerie styles are a great option for: Women self conscious of their lower tummy that still want to show off their upper torso below the breasts.


Stocking / Thigh High Socks Boudoir Outfit Ideas for Plus Size Women

One of my plus size clients wearing fishnet stockings

Stockings are close-fitting, elastic garments that cover the leg from the foot up to the knee or possibly part or all of the thigh. Stockings can be paired with most lingerie, but particularly compliment garter sets as they’re designed to connect to stockings at the lower straps.

Stocking and even thigh high socks are great for plus size women because they can help conceal cellulite and varicose veins on the thighs. Whatever outfit you choose to pair these with, you’ll want to make sure and choose a style and color that compliments the rest of your outfit.

Thigh high stockings & socks are a great choice for: Women worried about cellulite and or varicose veins, and as a way to stylistically tie together the  rest of your outfit.


Sheer Mesh Skirt Boudoir Outfit Ideas for Plus Size Women

Use sheer tulle skirts to make modest boudoir outfits
One of my plus size clients wearing a see though tulle skirt

All plus size women considering a boudoir photo shoot should think of getting some sort of sheer skirt. It’s simultaneously the sexiest and most conservative thing you can wear for your photo shoot.

Sheer skirts are conservative in that having the mesh material around your hips and thighs will really help smooth out cellulite and other imperfections you may want to conceal. It’s perhaps one of the sexiest options because although the material will obscure your body, your silhouette will still be visible though the material.

If you’d like to exaggerate your hour glass shape, I recommend pairing your skirt with a corset. Skirts can even be paired with teddy lingerie an infinite variety of looks.

Sheer gowns, robes and dresses are great for: All plus size women, and women with an inverted triangle body type who need to exaggerate the size of their hips.


Sheer Robes & Gowns Boudoir Outfit Ideas for Plus Size Women

one of my plus size clients wearing a sheer lace see though robe

Sheer gowns and robes can really enhance any plus size woman’s body. Resist the urge to hide in the loose fitting pieces with heavy print as this may obscure your form and make you appear larger.

This isn’t a hard rule because less sheer flowy materials can be perfect in strong backlighting situations, but it’s something to consider if your boudoir session will be photographed indoors.

Sheer gowns, robes and dresses are great for: All plus size women


Creative Plus Size Boudoir Outfits Ideas

One of my plus size clients wearing a sweater and panty as part of a creative boudoir outfit

Don’t be afraid to style yourself with things you already have for your boudoir photo shoot! Something as simple as a sweater and panties can make for great boudoir photos when done thoughtfully. His tank top and your favorite bottoms is another good idea and something you can borrow for your photo shoot.

The idea is to try and get creative by mixing and matching the suggestions mentioned throughout this post. For example you could pair the following sweater and underwear for a sexy girl next door look!

boudoir outfit ideas for plus size
Walmart Knit Sweater
Calvin Klein

The sky is truly the limit so long as you color coordinate your outfits correctly. Just remember to play to your strengths and diminish your sensitive areas and you should be very happy with your outfit choices for your session.

Did I Miss Anything???

I want to make this the best resource I can for everyone looking for plus size boudoir outfit ideas. Let me know some of your favorite plus size lingerie ideas you’ve discovered in the comments. I’d love to see them and possibly include them here to help make this list more helpful for everyone. 

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