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Halloween Boudoir Outfits For 2023

One of the most common questions I’m asked by my clients looking for Halloween boudoir outfits is what lingerie they should get for their photo shoot. To make things easy, I’ve indexed this page by outfit type to help you DIY your own sexy Halloween costumes for your upcoming photo shoot!

It’s important to remember that quality boudoir costumes always consider two major things to pull off a sensual look that isn’t tacky. First you’ll need to identify your body insecurities (if any), and also pinpoint areas of your body you’d like to highlight. Once you know these two things you can then diminish your insecurities while simultaneously enhancing your best assets. This is the secret to getting a tasteful R rated Halloween costume!

If you you don’t know how to enhance your best features, I suggest you first start with this post about how to choose boudoir outfits for your body type. Once you know exactly what styles of lingerie will enhance your body type best, it should be easy to design flattering Halloween boudoir outfits using the ideas below. 

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Corsets For Halloween Boudoir Outfits

corsets are examples of good Halloween Boudoir Outfits

Corsets are arguably one of the best Halloween boudoir outfits for all body types. This is because coresets are legendary for their ability to enhance the waist to hip & bust ratio. It doesn’t matter if you’re a lean body type or plus sized, the fact that you can chinch corsets down at the waist will help add more hourglass shape to your shilloutte.

Equally important to their shaping abilities, corsets are also one of the best  outfits to mix and match with other lingerie. Underbust crests in particular are very good for this because you can pair them with different bra styles to achieve exactly the look you want.  

Another way to tie corsets in with the rest of your costume is to think about replacing the lace to add a pop of color that coordinates with the rest of your outfit. To learn more about how to color coordinate outfits, I recommend you check out this post. Color coordinating your costume well is arguably one of the main things that can be the difference between a tacky outfit and a tasteful one.


Nightgowns & Capes For Halloween Boudoir Outfits

custom made black velvet capelet
Etsy store SophieAndHerStore black velvet capelet

Nightgowns and capes are another excellent Halloween boudoir outfit idea. You can use these by themselves to class up and implied nude look or pair them with other outfits for additional layers of elegance. 

Naturally, my favorite way to style sheer gowns, capes, kimono’s and robes is to pair them with sexy tops and bottoms. By adding this additional layer, it will help revealing bras and panties feel classier with the additional garment. 

Obviously for implied nude ensembles you may still want to consider pairing any open front lingerie with underbust corsets, garters, high waist panties etc.  if you have tummy insecurities.

Likewise, if you have cellulite on your thighs and butt, open face lingerie like robes pair beautifully with thigh high stockings and over knee socks. Consider adding these pieces to your robes and capes if you feel like you need additional help in any of these areas.

Shoes, Stockings and Socks For Halloween Boudoir Outfits

boots for Halloween boudoir outfits
Nick's Boots: Isabel classic Configuration

The great thing about styling Halloween boudoir outfits, is that it gives you plenty of excuses to accessorize in creative ways! For example, some costumes would really benefit from knee high boot options. Creative over knee and thigh high options like this will help make your costume sexy as you show skin between your upper thigh and bottoms.

Remember that you can replace the laces on high boots to color coordinate and accent your outfit as desired. This easy DIY hack can really make your outfit pop in ways it won’t straight from the maker. For instance, if you want to create a sexy Harley Quinn outfit, high boots with colored laces paired thigh high fishnets would work great. In contrast, if you’re putting together a sexy nurse costume, you’d probably best achieve your goal with white high heels paired with white stockings, a lab coat and teddy. 

In both of these examples you’ll again put together a higher quality outfit if you source each part of the outfit independently rather than trying to find a ready made outfit. For boudoir photos this is crucial because higher quality outfits will naturally lead to better photos. 

Halloween Boudoir Top Outfits

Esty shop TheLastKult sheer lace top with flared sleeves

The key to finding a good top for your Halloween boudoir outfits is to use stylistically descriptive keywords when searching online. Using better adjectives in your search queries will help you find better quality pieces.

For example, when looking for vampire inspired tops, using terms like “lace” and “faired sleeves” will often return better results over queries like “sexy vampire costumes.” Contemporary twists on this idea would be to introduce descriptive words like “steampunk,” “punk” and “gothic” into your costume searches.

Moreover, phrases like “sexy nurse costume” will often yield inferior results when compared to sourcing a white lab coat and pairing it with lingerie for your body type. Typically, you’ll get better costumes when you source each part of the outfit yourself.


Halloween Boudoir Skirt Outfits

Sheer tulle skirts as Halloween Boudoir Outfits

Sheer skirts are great accents to combine with other outfits like bras, teddies and corsets. Nevertheless, I’ve also used skirts for topless looks using choker accents, capelets and other accessory pieces. To make these R rated Halloween boudoir outfit ideas tasteful you’ll want to add these accessories to balance out the outfit and help make it tasteful. For stylistic inspiration on this idea, look at how Melisandre’s Game of Thrones topless scene was styled. The choker she wears makes all the difference! 

In any case, my favorite way to use skirts is to accentuate body types that need more hip to waist ratio. Skirts are really useful for flaring out the lines of the hips and making your waist look smaller by proxy. For women with skinny hips this is a piece you should certainly include in your outfit if you can as it will greatly improve your shilloutte.

Skirts are great to include in things like sexy: witch outfits, school girl uniforms, red riding hood, cheerleader, etc. The sky is truly the limit with how you can include skirts into your costume ideas. 

Although I don’t like most of the pre made sexy costume outfits, its still worth searching through them for ideas. Once you find a costume idea you like, you can then reference it to source your own pieces and create your own high quality Halloween boudoir outfit.

Halloween Boudoir Props & Accessories For Outfits

props to add to Halloween boudoir outfits
Etsy shop: ShoshkaBoutique Maleficient horns

Props and accessories are often the difference between a meh Halloween boudoir outfits and something that’s truly extra ordinary. Props also offer unique posing opportunities as you adjust or play with them while being photographed.

Some examples of props that can really add to your costume are things like hair pieces, neck ruffs, fans, masquerade masks, body chains, and candelabras. Naturally whatever props you choose to add should seamlessly tie into your costume.

Depending on your costume, thrift shops may also be another good place to look for accent props. Just make sure that if you’re going to thrift your props to search well ahead of your photoshoot. This is because you’ll never actually know what or when you’ll find when shopping at these places.

Halloween Boudoir Outfit Sets

Etsy store Serpentfeathers phoenix feather costume

For those that want turn key Halloween boudoir outfits, the following examples are for you! If you decide to go this rout, my only advice would be to try and choose quality costumes that don’t look cheap. Affordable “sexy” costumes will look cheap on camera, so it’s important to spend a little more money on quality stuff for your photo shoot.

Etsy has some great hand made options you can search through. There are also other online boutiques you can search that create beautiful handmade costumes for renaissance fairs, steampunk, cosplay and other niche interests. 

Shops like Amazon and Yandy might be good places to try and piece together outfits, but their turn key options are often very poorly made and cheap looking. Stick with hand made, quality pieces for anything you’re thinking of being photographed in for better photos. 

DIY Sexy Joker Halloween Boudoir Outfit

DIY sexy joker outfit I styled for one of my clients

In an effort to help you style your own Halloween boudoir outfit, let’s take a look at this sexy Joker photo I styled for one of my clients. This outfit was very easy to put together and looks significantly better than any of the pre-made sexy Joker costumes I’ve seen online. 

The important things to call out about this DIY Halloween boudoir outfit is the color coordination and props. You could pick out different lingerie pieces than we did if you have a different body type then my client, but you’ll want to maintain a color pallet that’s synonymous with the joker.

Alternatively, you could also choose different props that imply the Joker. We chose to go with a Joker card and knife for this photo, but you could also style your outfit with prop grenades, flower lapels or a cane as a few obvious alternatives.

Examples to Recreate Our Outfit

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I hope this post helped you find some Halloween boudoir outfits for your upcoming photoshoot. Let me know in the comments some of your favorite pieces you’ve found in your searches so far! I’d love to add more unique examples to this post to help everyone get better Halloween boudoir photos from their sessions!

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