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Men’s Headshot Attire

Choosing men’s headshot attire for your upcoming photoshoot probably feels daunting if you’re not one to update your portrait regularly. Fortunately it’s really not that hard to style an outfit so long as you follow a few basic fashion rules. Don’t worry I’ll make this easy for even the least fashionable among you.

That said, if you’re a newbie to color coordinating outfits, I suggest you start with this post about how to color coordinate outfits. The ideas behind this post build on the foundations set by that one. Once you understand those basic color coordinating concepts, you will be able to put together your own outfit from scratch if you’d like.

Alternatively, if you’d rather just copy one the looks in this post, that’s cool too! Just make sure your features are similar to the guy who’s outfit you’re echoing for best results!

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Neutral Men’s Headshot Attire

men's headshot attire
Neutral color shirt and suit

Although not all of us are as handsome as Leonardo DiCaprio, we can all take note of his styling in this portrait. For white guys with dark brown hair, this combination will work really well for a couple of reasons. 

First, the contrast of his features (the range of light to dark between his skin and hair) almost directly correlates with the range of his suit and shirt. Considering the contrast of your own features is a great place to start when styling your own outfit.

Second, I’ll point out that his entire outfit and background are comprised of an all neutral color pallet. The dark grey suit is neutral as is his white shirt. The outfit when paired with the neutral background offers a very analogues color scheme that compliments his features perfectly. 

I’d note that this image is color toned so although his shirt appears light blue, I’d venture it guess it’s ac

Examples To Recreate This Look

All Black Men’s Headshot Attire

men's headshot attire
Black on black attire

An all black dressy look is a bold move, especially for a headshot. That said if you want to convey fearlessness in your profile photo all black can work pretty well for men with dark features. Particularly men with black or dark brown hair and or dark complexion are a natural fit for black on black styles.

For best results, I suggest you not pair this outfit with a black background unless you’re working with a world class photographer. The black on black nature of the outfit combined with an all black background can make it difficult for unskilled photographers to separate you from the background. That said, low key background will pair very well with this style as will neutral tone natural environments. 

For extra credit, also note watch with black dial and stainless case. The stainless is the neutral pop while the black dial ties in with the rest of the outfit. 

Examples To Recreate This Look

Earth Tone Suit With Neutral Accents Men’s Headshot Attire

men's headshot attire
Brown suit with white accents

Brown suits can work really well for men with dark complexion. That said, they can also really compliment men with brown hair and light complexion. 

In this particular example, the brown suit is enhanced with sprinkles of neutral white enhancements. Whoever styled this outfit did a great job of adhering to the 80/20 rule being judicious with the accents.

The white turtle neck dresses this suit down and makes this outfit feel a little more stylish. Also note how his pocket square and watch band match with a separate darker earth tone, and tie back together with the white watch face. The white gold ring is another nice touch that helps maintain the theme of the neutral pop throughout the ensemble. 

If you’d like to make this look feel more dressy, consider replacing the turtle neck with a collard shirt, tie and matching vest. 

Examples To Recreate This Look

Black Suit With Neutral Accent

men's headshot attire
Black suit with white accents

A black suit with a white shirt is the go to style for most men. Just because it’s the obvious choice though doesn’t mean it should be dismissed out  of hand. In fact if you don’t own a suit yet, arguably a black suit might be your best first choice because of the sheer versatility of what you can do with it. 

Black suits accent well with just about any color and even look pretty good with black on black variations as mentioned earlier. Additionally, black suits are appropriate for pretty much any occasion and they rarely feel out of place  in any circumstance.

Besides, if it’s good enough for James bond, then you know this must be a pretty dapper choice! Dress your black suit up with a black tie, or remove the tie altogether for a more casual laid back look. Just remember the color coordinating rules referenced earlier and consider changing the shirt to something other than white if you plan to add a tie with color.

For extra credit, consider adding cufflinks with black accents like the reference photo to add a little extra accent to you suit.

Examples To Recreate This Look

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I hope this post helped you better understand how to style your men’s headshot attire for your upcoming photo shoot. If you have any questions about anything, please let me know in the comments! Otherwise I hope the information here helps you get the best headshot possible from your upcoming session!

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