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Modest Boudoir Outfits That Are Also Sexy

One of the most common questions I’m asked as a boudoir photographer is what are some modest boudoir outfits you can wear for tasteful photos? To make things easy for you, I’ve indexed this page by my favorite modest lingerie styles to help you find classy lingerie ideas for your upcoming photo shoot.

Before you start looking through the different lingerie though, you may want to check out this post about how to choose boudoir outfits for your body type. By selecting your boudoir outfits with this method, you will not only enhance your shilloutte but you’ll also diminish your insecurities at the same time.

With that out of the way, the following are my top five modest boudoir outfit styles I think you should look at. All of these options have the potential to be very sexy, but in a tasteful not trashy kind of way. 

  1. Dresses & Gowns
  2. Skirts
  3. Corsets
  4. Teddy’s Bodysuits & Slips
  5. Robes

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Dresses & Gowns As Modest Boudoir Outfits

an example of a modest boudoir dress
Embroidered lace see though gown from Etsy shop SarafinaDreams

Dresses and gowns can be some of the most modest boudoir outfits you can get. They can also be very revealing if you decide to get the sheer see though gowns for your session. 

If you want to keep a sheer see though gown modest, you can pair them with minimalist underwear under the gowns. To tone it down further I also suggest matching your underwear color with the sheer material of the dress. 

Wearing black underwear under a white sheer dress can also look good too, but that’s more of an avant garde look rather than modest one.

If you like the idea of non see though dresses I recommend you only consider styles that are form fitted around your bust and torso. The reason for this is non see though dresses that don’t fit snugly in this area will make you look larger than form fitted styles will. The following dresses are some examples of modest boudoir outfits I currently love at the moment.


Modest Boudoir Outfits Using Skirts

Use sheer tulle skirts to make modest boudoir outfits
one of my clients wearing a tulle skirt for her session

Skirts can be great lingerie for self conscious women to add to a bra, corset or teddy. The really cool thing about skirts is they can give your thighs and butt cover if you’re worried about cellulite. Even if you love your legs and want to show them off, you can get high low skirts to still show some leg but still keep the ensemble classy. 

Since everyone’s idea of what’s modest is different, you can consider everything from a bra and panty set under a sheer lace skirt to a non see though skirt with a teddy top. Where you draw the modesty line is up to you. 

For example, you could do a combination like: over knee socks, a teddy and a maxi split skirt over both for a balance somewhere in between tastefully sexy and modest. Most of the class implied in the outfit will also need to be mirrored in the posing and lighting obviously, but I think you get the idea. 


Modest Boudoir Outfits Using Corsets

The corset is an example of a modest boudoir outfit
One of my boudoir clients wearing an overbust push up corset for her session

Corsets are boudoir shoot outfits that are known for their tasteful aesthetic. The beautiful thing about corsets is that they offer great concealment if you have any insecurities around your torso. 

Additionally custom corsets will provide great bust support and shaping if you need help with that area. You can get corsets with built in push up or balconette style tops depending on the size of your bust and your shaping needs. For example, smaller women will benefit from push up style corsets while women with a larger bust might benefit more from demi or balconette style coreset tops.

For the best of both worlds you can also slim your waist line with an underbust corset and then pair it with a bra of your choice. This is often a good way to go as you can mix and match different bras with your underbust corset for different looks. This combination will also allow you to choose exactly the bra you want for your shaping and support goals.


Teddies, Bodysuits & Slips As Modest Boudoir Outfits

One of my boudoir clients posing in a teddy for her session

Teddies and bodysuits are another wonderful modest boudoir outfit you should consider for your session. These pieces work best for women who want tummy concealment and even a little bit of light shaping for the love handle area.

Teddies with built in bras can also offer fantastic bust support if you need additional enhancement in this area. That said, although bodysuits also tend to be form fitting and provide good general shaping, they generally don’t have any kind of built in bras in them. Only consider bodysuits if you want torso concealment with light shaping for your tummy and love handle area but not your bust.

Also, if modesty is your goal you’ll also likely want to stick with teddies and bodysuits that aren’t see though. Many teddies and bodysuits are made from sheer materials, so if you’re concerned with modesty you’ll want to be careful and only select the more conservative options available. For options with sheer material bottoms, you can also wear minimalist underwear under the sheer material of bodysuit styles to keep these designs tasteful.


Robes As Modest Boudoir Outfits

robe boudoir lingerie idea
One of my boudoir clients wearing a silk robe for her session

For modest boudoir outfits, robes are another category that you should definitely check out when shopping for your session. Robes can be super revealing with the sheer mesh and lace options available, but you can also easily find silk and satin robes that are non see though and are very conservative. 

Just like we covered with the dresses and skirts sections, you can also make the sheer see though robes modest by wearing your choice of underwear under the robe. With sheer lace robes and embroidered mesh options with busy patterns, I again suggest you wear minimalist underwear that matches the color of the mesh on the robe. 

For more conservative non see though options and ultra see though robes (where you won’t have distracting patterns), you can pair these styles with more conservative lingerie like teddies or your favorite bra and panty set for maximum concealment. 

For those with tummy insecurities, getting a non see through robe or an ultra sheer design and pairing it with high waist panties is another great way to add a layer of enhancement to your body with tasteful coverage of your lower tummy.


Where To Buy Modest Boudoir Outfits

Now that you have some good examples of modest boudoir outfits to enhance your figure, you’re probably wondering where to buy boudoir outfits for your upcoming photo shoot. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! Explore the post linked above for a list of 15 lingerie retailers for any budget.

Now that you know some of my favorite modest boudoir outfits at the moment, what are some of yours that you’ve found in your searches? Share your favorite finds in the comments below, I’d love to see them!

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